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Friday, September 17, 2004 

singapore sexpot - the wildcard edition

maia lee got into the singapore idol finalists through the wildcard show.
i had to pick my jaw up from the floor while maia launched into her painfully off-tune rendition of beyonce's "crazy in love".

while some friends of mine were really estastic about her getting through, i'm sorry to say that i have been prejudiced against her (hey give me a break, at least i admit that i'm biased against her.. =p ) for one reason or another.

singapore idol is called singapore idol for a reason. it's not singapore sexpot. i don't feel that the contestants should get away with singing out of tune just because they show a little bit of clevage, shake their hips around abit. single mom and sexy wildchild might work for some, but unfortunately not for me. and whatever happened to the judges? did they suddenly become tone-deaf or something? the bulk of the song was hideously butchered and all they can comment on is how happy they are that maia (the wildchild) is back? he-llo?

again, i'm just biased against her since there's just something about her i don't really like. heh. =x

was also thrown into total shock again when singapore decided that sylvester was a better idol than beverly. ok, sylvester the rocker, unique guy, finally shown that he can smile, yada yada yada... but why is singapore passing up on the really powerful singers and performers such as beverly and shirin? nana might be lacking in the looks department but she certainly is a good singer too. so why the heck are we giving up all these fantastic singers? (which brings me to the case about jerry ong.. but let's not go into that.)

at least this time, the judges had a heart to flex the quota and allowed beverly to squeeze in as finalist #12. she has it all, and i sincerely feel she deserves it. i also hope that some record company pick nana and shirin up cos it's plain unfair that they had to go cos some bad singers got in.

ok i'm on the verge of rambling now..

let's see: the moment jeassea, olinda, daphne and beverly are out of the show, that is my indicator that i should redirect my tv diet to scv. it is probably more interesting (and markedly less painful) to watch real stars thrash their guitars on mtv.


just a little introductory note:
lyn; 18 currently studying in ajc. known raymond for approx 4 years plus minus? *counts on her fingers* yup.. eh will update when she thinks of more to include about herself. ^_^

oh and a general disclaimer: feel free to comment if you think i'm writing nonsense (cos most of the time i am just rambling about life..) i tend to be a little self-centered so if i do, someone just slap me or tell me nicely that i'm doing so (the latter method is prefered). nice meeting you all~ ^_^

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