Thursday, September 30, 2004 

my weekly singapore idol rant...

yes ray, your hanyu pinyin was fine. haha. no worries since my chinese is slowly disappearing day by day.. really ought to start talking in chinese more.. =|

good point. i'm just plain upset over the drastic actions that was implemented over such a petty crime. and the thing about history books is that few community libraries actually have them cos they're expensive.. oh well, guess we'll find a way to survive somehow. either that or we petition to our teachers. heh.

about the website though.. are there any links you would like to put up? email me the names and urls and i'll add in a slot.. do you want a tagboard as well? =p

singapore idol

yay finally it's the real competition! no more "unsung heroes", no more clownish singing... (seriously i didn't see the rationale of producing the "unsung heroes" edition. is there a need to remind singapore how much of a fool you made out of yourself?)

first announcement by gurmit told us that candice pulled out of the competition "due to personal commitments". find it quite sad cos she really shone in her piano show and seems to have much potential.

for the parents' choice show, just outlining the few performances that caught my eye.. =p

maia did surprisingly better in this episode than the last one but my personal opinion of her still stands. yes she has a powerful voice, but the impression i get is that she is banking on her sexuality rather than quality singing to drag the votes in. perhaps that's partly the reason why we notice her. heck i devoted one entire paragraph (plus half a post) to someone i am supposed to not like! haha talk about hypocrisy. the same applies to william hung btw.

beverly and daphne did not really too well IMHO, but it's still great to see them performing again. jeassea, again, was stunning in her performance. powerful voice, captivating act and super diva-ish. olinda was "totally steady-bom-pee-pee" as usual, complete with her quirky sense of humour ("my mother said yes (to her father's proposal) after he gave her the bouquet of longans").

the guys, other than david and slyvester, did not really fare well. overall, some performances were rather disappointing. maybe it's just the old songs. =x

on another note, i just wanna say that the michael jackson inspired (be it accidentally or purposefully) sgi advertisement of the 12 finalists was really beautifully done.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004 

With tenacity and determination, I shall become... a ... better friend?

Haha. I don't know what led me to write this post. I just suddenly felt very convicted to be better friends to my friends. Sounds kinda cheesy. Tomorrow I'll put a full post on this. I just felt like making a public declaration. haha


Tian Wang Hui Hui, Shu Er BU Lou

Ok this is a reply to your post Lyn... (btw my han yu pin yin is correct right? haha my chinese kind of rusty le!) The thief will get his retribution? And you know what it will be? It's the fact that a lot of these "notes" they get from books are crap. Really. Trust me. It's v v v hard to use the info u glean from these notes to put into your A' level essays. Maybe University thesis or research papers can la, but A levels, trust me, it doesn't work. In fact if he tries to use these info in his essays, it will make his writing v forced and jarring... his essay would also be kinda convoluted in the process.... speaking from experience. But I pity you on the fact that you can't use the reference section anymore. I know frm my friends that history students live on reference books. Haha. It's ok la. I think community libraries also got one right?

Anyway, about the cell group bonding thing... it's not bonding OVER religion. haa... we tal about other stuff, but it's just that because there's fullness of joy in the presence of God? So we also derive joy from being in the presence of other believers... haha ... there i go rambling again....

As I promised, I will soon upload pics of my cell group for you guys! And keep your fingers crossed for pictures of me and my twin brother! haha

Monday, September 27, 2004 


retail therapy may be good for health but it is painful on the pocket...
unless your dad is bill gates. ^_^

nice to know that you had fun over the weekend. just earlier this morning (i'm in school now) my friend was telling me about her cell group and how close they were. it's nice to know that people can bond over religion. =)

yesterday marks the end of my 5 day strictly-slacking-and-no-revision-days. it was nice, albeit a little bit rough as some complications cropped up in my social life (thus the previous entry. but shan't go into that..) and yeah, what better way to end it than with a family gathering (ta-dahhh!!!). lol. customary "which school are you in now? which year?" (relatives never seem to remember how old you are...) aside, it was quite wacky. haha. "trivial... and materialistic stuff" are all part and parcel of small talk i guess...

recently there was a theft in our school library and now the entire redspot (collection of the really good reference books) section is sealed off to us.. it's a setback especially for history students because we have a heavy reliance on references that can be found in the redspot secion. this only goes to show the level of selfishness that some people in my school have. from what i heard, the thief stole a couple of english literature reference books and tore out the relevant pages (raymond, this might interest you.. it's notes on silas marner) to prevent other lit students from gaining access to what might be useful (since our teacher is not exactly the most inspiring). one selfish act led to the sanctioning of an entire treasure trove of references for fear that similar incidences happen. and it's unfair since we would not be able to use the material unless we know specifically which book has the relevant information. such a waste of time.

a tiny and selfish action that led to serious reprecussions to at least 100 students in the school. whoever the thief is, thank you for making us realise that we have the magical powers to pry into the contents of a book 100m away from us. thank you for allowing us to realise how powerful we are to know which books we need without needing to browse. thank you for wasting our time. i hope your conscience bugs you till the a levels are over (and by saying that, i'm being kind.)

gosh i'm rambling like mad...
goes to show how bored i am. (3 periods of break before a whole stretch of lessons...) =p

Sunday, September 26, 2004 

Love and Life?

Lynnie, haha, great that you have learnt to destress by going on retail therapy! Though retail therapy doesn't work for me at all ( I TOTALLY HATE SHOPPING TO THE CORE), it's great that u learn to have some self love and indulge in such luxuries once in a while! Haha... as for your social circle... Lyn, this may sound cliched, but really, manage your time well. Your bf may leave you (touch wood! hope u dun mind me saying, although i pray this won't happen), but your true friends, they're always with you, from the start to the end... Lyn... don't be discouraged also by this kind of feeling... many people at some points of time, will tend to feel ostracised from certain friends for whatever reason. Loneliness is the universal paradox. Be aware of that. NOt only u la, same applies to your group of friends, I'm sure all of them at some point of time would think that they're on the brink of the group. So do not be discouraged. This feeling you feel now about how you're losing friends due to your bf, it may be just a kind of short term feeling. It may even not be true.

Anyway, I want to publicly thank my cell group right now, because I think you're the best and coolest people I've ever met and I love each and everyone of you! I really do!


Love and life? Life is about love right?

Ok briefly just running through my past few days schedule.

Friday: Parade rehearsal. Draggy. took almost one whole day. Anyway I have this campmate of mine who is rather impatient and kind of have the mentality that he is superior to everyone. Irritating. But he's still a rather nice guy... so my friendship towards him is rather ambivalent... sometimes i think he's great... but his intolerance also brushes me off sometimes... but i guess I have to be tolerant with his intolerance right? Gosh... i'm rambling.

Saturday: Had lots of sleep, which is great, needed it. Went running for almost an hour. Needed the exercise. Total distance covered was almost 5km i guess, I was running at super slow pace, not to mention taking a 10min break in between coz my friend called to talk to me. After that, bathed, grabbed a Subway sandwich for lunch, and rushed for my cell group at Serangoon. Cell group attendance was a bit lower than usual that week, but it was amazing as usual...and i love the company of my cell group members (church friends). They're just the most amazing people on earth. Some went off soon after cell group, the rest of us went to Bugis, walked around... and even though it may be just walking around looking at stuff, it's just a great feeling coz when you're with them you just feel good. It's not like u have to do stuff at all, you just enjoy being in each other's company ya know what i mean? So 4 of us went to dinner. Yeap.

Today: Woke up, slacked around, ate some stuff, read newspaper a bit, bathed and prepared for church ( and btw I'm in City Harvest Church). Anyway took a taxi down to Paya Lebar Mrt station to catch the shuttle bus (catered by my church to take us to the church premise). B4 taking the shuttle bus managed to buy some food from Mcdonald's for breakfast..... I love McDonald's breakfast food! super super yummy man. Love it! Anyway, rushed down to church. Had a great service. Ate lunch with my cell group. Great company as usual. Later some of us went back to the church cafe... and then they left and I was fellowshipping with my friend Renzheng... he's a really great guy! Love him man... he's really funny... anyway I wish I could upload some photos of my cell group to let you guys see.... but must go and find first. But don't worry, I will in due season, so give me some time! Ok anyway spent some time talking to renzheng abt some stuff, he took the train to city hall and i took it all the way back home, then my family went to Merchant Court Hotel for dinner (it's my sis' bday) . Nice food, but the thing i hate about these family gatherings, they'll keep asking u so trivial stuff like "oh what are you doing now?" or "How are you" which is just kinda grating to me at least. And they keep focusing on all these materialistic stuff like presents and clothes and whatever crap. ARgh. I really need to seize the opportunity to tell them more about God.

Friday, September 24, 2004 

life and love...

hey raymond,

certainly can say that i partied (or shopped) like mad the 3 days i got off school. (extended weekend! 5 days free from the horrible construct called school!) looking forward to totally unwinding during the weekend before going back to realise how much of a fool we were during the prelims (when the teachers discuss the questions with us..)

been on an all time low these few days.. i just realised how restricted my social circle became after getting attached, and it's kinda hurting me that the few people who are willing to accept me for who i am are drifting away from me cos of a guy.

why can't we all have our cakes and eat it? what's the point of giving us "cakes" when we can't "eat" them? =(

sadness aside though. the weekly rant on singapore idol arrives:

ok. so they were there because they were pursuing a dream. but is there a need for the people at sgi to remind us of their really bad bad bad singing by featuring them on the special "unsung heroes" show? if you ask me, it's really kind of embarrassing to be remembered by the whole of singapore as "that lemon tree guy" or "that abc mary poppins lady" (like, how credible can that get?) the only exception there is probably the guy who did "solitaire" - probably the only credible singer with a heartwarming (albeit sad) story that they brought back.

what i'd say is: bring on the competition already. i'm dying to see jeassea, olinda, daphne and beverly perform. at least that would make the hour worth it...

normalcy is a perception. if you think i'm not normal, then you have a perception problem. - anonymous

Thursday, September 23, 2004 


Ok guys i'm sorry for the long period of absence. See, I was updating my blog on tuesday when i fell asleep and then after i got up after 1 hour, i tried to post it and they said the page had expired. When i went back to the composing post page, all the words i typed were gone. Too tired to continue, I switched off my com and went to sleep.

Ok i will briefly run through what happened in the last four days.

Monday: Practically dragging my feet to work, I was really counting on God to rid me off my Monday blues. I was really really trying to face my work with a good attitude and try not to go through the motions, but that was easier said than done. The drudgery of my work keeps weighing me down when I'm in camp. Sian. But no... I'll count on God to help make things in camp better. On Monday, I was still kinda alone and not really mixing that much with people yet... coz among the new guys there I'm the one who doesn't speak hokkien... but started to talk more to one of my sergeants... so things are a little better. Got picked by my Staff Sergeant, who's my direct superior, to be in the stupid COC parade, and that was pretty dumb considering I was the only new guy picked to go in the parade. The rest had some sort of medical problems and I was the only guy fit enough to go. Although seriously i was quite happy in my heart coz that means I get to waste time at parade rehearsals and stay away from the workshop!whaha

Tuesday: My hopes were high coz many of the sergeants said that those taking part in the parade rehearsal would get to go home early. I wasn't expecting a half day off, I was n't that greedy... but then... I was still hoping for an early book out. Yet, my staff sergeant just squashed off all my hopes. Sigh. Wasted la. Spent all the stupid time doing the stupid marching sweating in the stupid hot sun for nothing. ARgh. But thank God, through the parade, I made friends with some of the drivers in my unit... considering that i was a VM and didn't get too much time to mix with them... and I felt kinda good coz it was easy to speak to the drivers... there wasn't any kind of communication barrier... I felt really good abt it... After the parade, the whole afternoon was doing the usual stuff... but I think I'm getting more used to my kind of life so it was n't that torturous anymore... though of course I'm still always looking forward to book out time everyday.

Wednesday: Whole day doing vehicles... rather uneventful. Still boring, but the thing is that I'm trying so hard to volunteer to do stuff so I learn as much as possible, because i think among the new guys I know the least. But still I am one of those that do the most work... haha... coz i keep volunteering myself to do stuff? Guess I'm just trying to do a good work... help others and also help the sergeants... try to be a good testimony in my camp? Anyway though this job sucks, I'm learning a lot from it everyday. Just that my camp lots of camp politics, and a lot of gossipping and alot of "don't like this guy don't like that guy" kinda crap. I'm sure at some points of time people have talked about me but luckily I get along well with 2 of my sergeants... and I'm super helpful in camp (hehe... not bhb but it's true!) and very nice too, so I think I'm pretty ok with majority of the people. I think it'll take time for me to forge closer friendships with people... anyway the next time my sergeants play badminton, I'm definitely going along! It's been a long time since i touched a badminton racquet. haha.

Thursday (today): Ok.... today was good. Though I entered into this day a little unprepared and unsure and insecure and all, coz yesterday night I didn't really pray and do my quiet time and thus I feel a bit thrown off when i just got up today ( I fell asleep yesterday unintentionally). But today praise the Lord! He really blessed me today. Today I really started to make friends with 2 of the sergeants... and I think I can get a long with people better. Yeah God is paying off my efforts... thanks for His blessing. Oops sorry for my rambling... I'm really grateful... but I realized not all my readers are Christian... whaha! Oh no. Anyway this morning early on was quite slack... just doing some basic stuff, and in the afternoon was a massive spring cleaning of the workshop coz there's a safety audit tomorrow. Anyway tomorrow there's a parade rehearsal! I'm both looking forward to it but also v afraid.... it can be really stressful sometimes. With all the warrant officers looking at you... and somemore the marching contingent so small. But oh well, I'll make full use of the chance tomorrow to get to know the driver friends I made better... Anyway I love thursdays because of Singapore Idol! I'm going to post a separate post just on Singapore Idol tomrrow! About the super funny contestants like Careless Whisper Guy and Pink Lady! Whaha.... Today also bought the Machi cd.. THE MACHI CD ROXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although many songs on the cd were in Hokkien, it was still great... the tracks are damn funky! Go get it!

Anyway, Lynnie, here's just to contratulate you on the end of your Prelims! Remember, this period is crucial so make full use of it! And while you're still in school, treasure the remainder of your jc days! The best time of my life in Jc was the study break after my Prelims. Make full use of it and enjoy it to the max also!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004 


boo raymond!!!

haha. the many times you said that you'll blog but the post(s) has yet to materialise. but then, as i told you before, it's your blog and "thou shalt blog at thy will", meaning you're not obliged to blog everyday yeah? =p

i'm happy to announce that my $@(*^!)@^$!*&@$) prelims are O-V-E-R!!! that's a good thing i guess since the darn thing was physically and emotionally draining. but it's just a grim reminder that the big boss (aka the a levels) is waiting for me. bleargh. how did you ever survive the a levels?

come to think of it.. how did anyone (short of geniuses and superhumans) manage to get through this crazy period?


Monday, September 20, 2004 

just a short post before my exam...

hey ray.. glad to know that your day went well?

in this age of and metrosexuality, two guys going to a spa is forgivable. oh please, i know of a guy who makes appointments to do his hair, and have manicures and pedicures. =p hehe..

just wondering if you need help to add your friend's link to this blog.. if so just contact me (you know how) yup? =p

oh yeah, we really gotta fix this blog's perception of time. =p

Sunday, September 19, 2004 

I'm feeling GReaT!!!!!!!

I feel good! What a weird thing to say. Anyway... my friend Eugene just saw my blog and asked whether mine could be linked to his! Haha of course I said yes... I'm really glad at least 1 guy read my blog... haha

Anyway skipped yesterday's post. I was supposed to go to the spa with Jiajin, one of my sheng ming zhong zui hao de peng you. Haha... weird right? 2 guys go see spa? and it was just seeing the spa, we wasn't even gonna use the facilities. Anyway last min it got cancelled, but I kinda begged him to go REDS to cut hair with me.. he refused at first... but I told him if he did then he didn't have to repay me the 50 bucks he owed me... and he immediately changed his mind. haha. The haircut was great... although Jj, true to his self, was extremely terribly late. We were supposed to go to my church cell group after that ( for those of you who don't know what a cell group is... well I'll come to that in one of my posts this week) and it was his 2nd time coming with me to cell group. After a very, very, very, agonizing drive, Jiajin and I and my very good friend Pamela finally came out of the maze and found our way to my church cell group ( at my friend's house). Anyway we were really late, and my cell group leader kinda told us to change that if we want to experience God's presence. It was a mild kind of rebuke... and I think I deserve it. It's really really bad to be late for cg coz we're taking the presence of God for granted. Ok I must stop this preachy stuff. The atheists reading this must be really baffled by what I'm saying.

After cg, Pam and Jiajin left to meet another friend, and he shuttled my cell group mate to Serangoon MRT. Omg. I found out today that he couldn't find his way tot he mrt station and went ALL the way to PAYA LEBAR mrt station, then to BRADELL, and then finally to the mrt station. I almost ripped out my heart. But I kinda wasn't surprised coz Jj actually failed his driving license... haha.. the examiner passed him because he pitied Jiajin! Maybe that examiner was gay. Haha.

So yesterday night, about 8 of my cell group members headed down to CAN cafe at Bugis... it's along the line of pubs down there... thank goodness the cafe itself wasn't really smokey. We were sitting in the non smoking area thats why haha... although some mad people were still smoking there... we played a lot of really rather lame riddle games! like the "maaamaaa how many sheep jump over the wall?" game. and the Black Magic game. And the "johnny woosh" game. REally fun to see the expression of those puzzled people. Anyway the entire night was great.... I love being with my cell group.... I love my cell group i love my cell group i love my cell group i love my cell group i love my cell group i love my cell group i love my cell group! But then that day I learnt about God's presence, and hearing from Him... that's really the most important thing about cell group... growing closer with God? I love God I love God I love God I love God I love God I love God. oh no. I better stop rambling... Not all of my friends reading here are Christians. YikeSXxxX!

Anyway, Today was rather cool. Got up rather early, played a game of Warcraft 3, went to prepare for church, and thoroughly enjoyed doing my hair! I styled it like a mini mohawk but not so extreme. I love playing with my hair. Haha. Anyway took a cab down to Paya Lebar Mrt station and grab some McDonalds breakfast b4 taking the shuttle bus down to City Harvest Church! (wooo hooo most roXxxXor church around). Church service was really, really great.... really felt it was a really timely message. Except for the fact that Jiajin came 1 hour late!!! and kept distracting me by sending me messages, I really felt the presence.... Really happy also that Pamela and my friend Lynn made it down to church in time by taking the last bus...

After cell group, fellowship was great as usual, went to makan as a cell group, then Pam, Lynn and Jiajin left first and the rest of us went to the church cafe to talk for a while before heading back home. The weekends just pass so quickly! Now tomorrow is back to the hellhole. Sigh. But then again tonight I'll stir myself up and stir up my faith and believe that this week will be a better week! Hallelujah! On the mrt trip home... really taked to Sharon about lots of spiritual stuff? My first in a long time.

Finally, today, I've made some serious serious serious decisions. Firstly, I must stop being overly sarcastic. Which sometimes I am because it's in my character? But guess must also do it in moderation. Pamela and Jiajin, if you're reading this, I don't mean to be overly sarcastic to both of u! HAha its just that u guys have been my great friends for such a long time it's hard not to be that way. Just wanna let you know I love you guys! Anyway, 2ndly, it's to never be late for any appointment ever again, especially for cell group or service (though I'm mostly v early for service...haha). 3rdly, it's to pray like mad!

And to my readers... tomorrow I'll try to put some funny stuff into my blog! Sorry for the boring post today... Just wanted to let u guys know my weekend routine. Hmm sometime this week I'll put some posts on my cell group (totally love them)? And my shen ming zhong zui hao de peng you which happen to all be my secondary school friends. And also probably I guess some funny stuff about Singapore Idol again, and Britney? Haha :D

Saturday, September 18, 2004 

Wooweeee my first post!!!

Wowweeee!!!!!! My first posting on my first blog ever. I've always despised blogs because seriously i thought blogs were for losers with no friends to share their life with and for seriously lonely people who are deprived of company.... and also for people desperate for that little bit of attention. Oh no... all those devoted bloggies out there will kill me!!! Haha but now I guess I'm a blog convert myself... anyway I realized it can be a great great way to communicate with your friends and to let your inner most feelings be expressed to them without face to face contact? Yeah that can be kinda intimidating actually.

Anyway to all my readers, (hopefully some of the readers out there aren't actually my friends), a brief intro one me! I'm actually a very interesting guy if you get to know me (I'm enough of an egotist to be honest abt it!!!). I'm 19 this year, a Singaporean Chinese, serving my National Service in the Navy as a crappy VM, and very very happily planted in a second home to me which is called City Harvest Church! About my looks... I'm really short! I used to be really insecure about it but now I kinda love it... that doesn't mean i wish I'm taller... but now I can't imagine how I'll be if I'm taller! haha (told you i was an egotist) Ok looks.... and about personality? I'm very sarcastic, to certain friends... the more familiar I am with you, the most sarcastic I tend to be... ok la, that doesn't exactly apply to all my good friends except for some. I don't wanna say that I'm nice and caring and all but I guess you will realise it after some time of reading my blog!

Ok to cut the crap short, I'll get started on my day... it's been 1 week at Tuas Naval Base already... soooooo terribly boring man. The job just really sux... they keep saying how u're important and all that BS, and you should have pride in what you do.... I wanted to shout out to my sir the other day, "Dude, this isn't the bloody commandos!". I hate my job but I guess while I'm at it, I'll do my best. People in my camp are super hokkien speaking... which leads me to continue ranting... why on earth am i here? Sure enough I've learnt alot more hokkien in this past week from my grandma... but in my ears they're speaking tamil. No, actually in tongues.
I get along with my campmates quite ok, no hate feelings, but sometimes it's kinda hard to get into conversation with them coz some of them aren't gd English or Chinese speakers.. which makes me a... oh well, check it up in the dictionary : Loner. In my camp. It's terribly boring in here coz there's no one I can really talk to about anything. Singapore Idol? TV? Music? Tennis? Even soccer (which i only watch here and there)... all the people in the camp are only concerned abt the results coz they're punters... they're not really in it for the game.

Oh well, at least that's the conclusion of a boring work week for me. Tomorrow will be so much better! Going to see a spa with Jiajin ( one of my shen ming zhong zui hao de peng you), then go cut hair with him ( haha funny right 2 guys go cut hair together?) then go makan.... then it's cell group meeting! Which I always am looking forward to every week coz I love everyone there and more importantly I love God...

Pamela... thanks for the testimony... really... It kinda made my day so much better!

And for the readers out there... sorry for such a lengthy and boring first entry! I'll definitely bring in more interesting bits of my life for you soon! Haha as I said I'm a very interesting guy. (shut it!)

Friday, September 17, 2004 

I'm mighty pissed with Sing Idol too

Marilyn... you're totally spot on? After Maia got in... I think we should have just changed the Wildcard show's name to the Wildchild show. Seriously Maia amazed us but for all the wrong reasons... she showed us that she could sing horrendously out of tune even with alot of live experience that's for one.... When she went Uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh she sounded more constipated than sexy... it's was terribly off key and send chills down my spine. 2ndly, she amazed us because she showed that even with a horrible performance like that, the judges could still sing praises for her. Lastly, she exposed how the judges must have been too testosterone-charged and based their judgments on their lower anatomy. All right, on consideration that she's my friend's ex-classmate, I shall spare her more of tongue lashing. I'm on a really savage mood because of the horribly wrong decisions made on yesterday's Singapore Idol.

Sylvester... I talked to him personally b4 while I was in the crew for Singapore Idol... but i seriously cannot believe he made it to the top 12. If what makes the Singapore Idol is the capability to smile, congrats, Sylvester, U're gonna become the Singapore Idol. Well, not "THE" singapore Idol, in fact. You'll be "A" Singapore Idol. Along with 4 million others. HIs singing was just mediocre and the judges lavished such praise on him I thought he must have cast a spell on them. Sylvester is the name of the cat but he looks more like a vampire. Oh well, but guess we'll have to respect Singapore's decision... at least we have a few horrible singers to vote out in the next round... Marilyn... Let's keep our fingers crossed for Jeassea to go all the way!


singapore sexpot - the wildcard edition

maia lee got into the singapore idol finalists through the wildcard show.
i had to pick my jaw up from the floor while maia launched into her painfully off-tune rendition of beyonce's "crazy in love".

while some friends of mine were really estastic about her getting through, i'm sorry to say that i have been prejudiced against her (hey give me a break, at least i admit that i'm biased against her.. =p ) for one reason or another.

singapore idol is called singapore idol for a reason. it's not singapore sexpot. i don't feel that the contestants should get away with singing out of tune just because they show a little bit of clevage, shake their hips around abit. single mom and sexy wildchild might work for some, but unfortunately not for me. and whatever happened to the judges? did they suddenly become tone-deaf or something? the bulk of the song was hideously butchered and all they can comment on is how happy they are that maia (the wildchild) is back? he-llo?

again, i'm just biased against her since there's just something about her i don't really like. heh. =x

was also thrown into total shock again when singapore decided that sylvester was a better idol than beverly. ok, sylvester the rocker, unique guy, finally shown that he can smile, yada yada yada... but why is singapore passing up on the really powerful singers and performers such as beverly and shirin? nana might be lacking in the looks department but she certainly is a good singer too. so why the heck are we giving up all these fantastic singers? (which brings me to the case about jerry ong.. but let's not go into that.)

at least this time, the judges had a heart to flex the quota and allowed beverly to squeeze in as finalist #12. she has it all, and i sincerely feel she deserves it. i also hope that some record company pick nana and shirin up cos it's plain unfair that they had to go cos some bad singers got in.

ok i'm on the verge of rambling now..

let's see: the moment jeassea, olinda, daphne and beverly are out of the show, that is my indicator that i should redirect my tv diet to scv. it is probably more interesting (and markedly less painful) to watch real stars thrash their guitars on mtv.


just a little introductory note:
lyn; 18 currently studying in ajc. known raymond for approx 4 years plus minus? *counts on her fingers* yup.. eh will update when she thinks of more to include about herself. ^_^

oh and a general disclaimer: feel free to comment if you think i'm writing nonsense (cos most of the time i am just rambling about life..) i tend to be a little self-centered so if i do, someone just slap me or tell me nicely that i'm doing so (the latter method is prefered). nice meeting you all~ ^_^

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