Sunday, April 02, 2006 

I realized something...

When people hate you and talk about you, be glad.

As I've mentioned before on my blog, the opposite of love isn't necessarily hate. In my opinion, the antithesis of love is really more like general stoicism, aboslute indifference and insouciance. Love as we all know is a really strong emotion, something that makes the world go round (besides money of course, heh, what a materialistic world we've got.) We don't want people to hate us, but when they do, realize that they have strong feelings towards you enough to actually hate you. Which means you're important enough as a person to elicit some sort of emotions and thoughts (negative or otherwise) from that person.

In other words, when a person hates you, it indicates that he cannot ignore you. Which is a pat on the ego, if you ask me.

Absolute indifference on the other hand is something different. It's an absence of response all together from another person, an total vacuum of emotion and thought. Goes to show how that person slights you and belittles you to the point where you do not even matter to him, even if you get in his way. A lack of utter concern - that's the antithesis of love.

Just my 2 cents worth.

I felt like penning this down because in my eyes, i think hate is just simply childish and stupid. I can get angry at a person for perhaps a few hours, but to cling on to anger and bitterness and let it germinate to hatred is utterly silly and in a sense, self-destructive. I rather just ignore the presence of that person all together and not let him affect me - and I believe that really is a facet of strength.

Anyhow, just regard it as a revelation of sorts. My pastor once said, if you are really doing God's will, there will be people talking about you. And if there aren't any, then you better start getting out of your comfort zone and doing somethng extraordinary. It's imperative that any person walking on the road to success will encounter enmity and animosity from others, but just take it in your stride and realize that now, you're finally somebody.

Yes. When you've haters, you finally know you have made it. =D


On a side note, I just really don't have time for hatred in my life. Being surrounded by such a wonderful group of church friends (e104, who else? shout outs to those church members reading my blog, Eunice, Dale, Timothy, Jasmine etc) I think happiness is really the predominant emotion in my life.

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