Wednesday, June 29, 2005 

The Gentang* (Part 1)

I got re-admitted into the hospital last Thursday (again). As some of you may know, I went for a nose operation last Tuesday, though I shall not go into detail here. On the early morning of thursday, my nose started bleeding uncontrollably and I was scared stiff. I prayed like a madman and my dad rushed me to the Accident and Emergency department of CGH at around 6am+.

I was initially reluctant to stay in the wards for observation, though the doctors recommended too, because after they stopped my bleeding, they said it'd be strongly advisable for me to actually rest in the wards for an entire day and to let me undergo observation.

Might as well.

I realized that it wasn't so bad after all. After spending large chunks of my time everyday while on MC blogsurfing away, and playing my computer like a deprived schoolboy, I realized just lying there on the hospital bed, reading a magazine and channel surfing away was extremely therapeutic. Being the cheapskate that I am, I chose the Class B2 ward ( which was my entitlement for my rank, a 3SG, meaning that the SAF would subsidise the fees for me). Fortunately, there was no more b2 beds left and I was upgraded to a B1 ward for free! Blessed, blessed me.

I spent most of my time generally reading my magazine, and channel surfing. I caught the repeats of American Idol in the late afternoon, followed by America's Funniest Home Videos and later Joey, Lost, and the O.C.

Anyway when it came to around 8.30, I decided to switch the channel over to Channel U to watch Jue Dui Superstar. You know, the talent show where a bunch of wannabes with lofty ambitions aim to make it big as THE next Chinese singing sensation. I've always liked reality shows like that you know, American Idol, and even America's Next Top Model, where everyday commonfolk go from normal civilian to larger than life superstar overnight. However after putting myself through 15min or so of the programme, I realized I could not go on any further.

I tried to rationalize this anomaly in my behaviour. Usually I watch American Idol every week with great relish, but why not so for its Chinese copycat version? Perhaps its the bad talent, I surmise. Yes, the talent is VERY bad. Some of them even make Sylvester Sim the gay boy look like Pavarotti. ( By the way, check out his new hair with those few streaks of purple hair. He looks gayer than ever.) But I think more so than that, is the fact that I just cannot stand most chinese songs. Sure I do listen to some great chinese artistes like David Tao, Jay Chou, F.I.R, etc. But largely, I feel that most Chinese music is crap. The Chinese music industry is replete with teenybopper girls that pubescent teenage boys drool over and adolescent girls idolize.

I get the question a lot, why I always listen to English songs so much and never touch a Chinese Music CD with a ten foot pole. Some are also perplexed why I watch so much American TV, just like Tym does. To that I'm still trying to figure out the answer.

From young, I had been infatuated with Western pop culture. More precisely, I would say it's American culture, since I don't really quite fathom why the Britons can spend all the day talking about the weather, and can even get into such heated fights over things as trivial as Premiership matches. (I'm a soccer fan here, but getting into fights over a match isn't just stupid, it's a testimony of the ugliness of us human beings.)

I think my mom realized I was quite the anomaly in our conservative Asian family. As such, she tried really hard to indoctrinate me with Confucian principles and Chinese beliefs and even sent me to Tao Nan Primary School and Chung Cheng High Main, both really cheena schools that I never quite fitted in properly. Of course, that could have just been a coincidence, since I was living in the East and all the best schools happened to be SAP schools (schools that offer the Higher Mother Tongue option).

I remember in primary school, whenever I went over to my grandmother's house to stay, I would religiously write out chinese characters over and over again -- the reason why I always aced my ting xie (chinese spelling test) in school all the time. My chinese grades in primary school always surpassed my english grades and I think for my rather mandarin-impaired mom, she was nonetheless quite pleased there was finally someone good at mandarin in the family.

Then later came my obsession with Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, and detective fiction. Hell, I even finished The Chronicles of Narnia in primary school! All 6 books! Now, that is an achievement I tell you. When other boys my age were hooked on the computer all the time ( although I did play the computer a lot too I admit), I was actually reading my english books non stop! Then when I was 11 (primary 5), my english teacher actaully picked out my composition to read, in front of the whole class. I remember swelling with pride and makin a resolution to keep acing composition assignments in class.

I think that was when the tides were turning a little. My English grades were finally overshadowing my chinese ones, and in youthful fervour, I was reading at a pace of one book every one to two days.

Then came my suscription to SCV, and the access to all the cable channels came to me.
I was immediately hooked onto MTV and subsequently brainwashed by all the messages it sent out, the allure being way to strong-- resistance was futile. MTV and music (english ones!) became my waking obsession, and I would scrimp and save just to buy that one cd that I desired. I heard more english music than any other one in my secondary school class, since most of them preferred chinese ones. I only started listening to Chinese music much later on, when Stefanie Sun first burst into the scene.

It was only in JC, where my classmates were all very largely westernised, me coming from the Arts faculty and all, that I actually started to really treasure my Chinese roots and culture. I think my mom's one success is that, the 10 years of education in Chinese institutions actually made me fiercely loyal to my own roots. Sure, I still am infatuated with Western culture, and I love English music with all my heart, but that doesn't mean at all that I have forsaken my own Oriental roots. I love my culture; it's where I draw my strength from. I hold all my Chinese beliefs and principles close to my heart.

That's why I really feel obligated to write this post. Sometimes I feel misunderstood; people tend to take my inclination with all things Western as a sure sign that I was one of those people who wasn't proud to be Asian. You know those people that speaks in fake accents all the time because they think it's so cool, and those that scorn mandarin-speaking people because they take mandarin speaking as a sure sign of being square and unintellectual. I can say with all certainty that whenever I speak to someone trying to fake an accent, I have this visceral impulse to draw out my fist and give that guy a big punch. Why can't these people be themselves? Is it so shameful to be Asian?

To quote Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Always be yourself. Unless you suck."

How true indeed. No point being ashamed of the fact that I love Western Culture and movies and music. Even less reason to be ashamed of the fact that I am Chinese. I am an Asian and proud of it.

(Part 2 coming up soon)

*Hokkien for potato. It is often used to refer to Westerners or people who are very westernised because Westerners generally eat a lot of potatoes.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 

Yeah Baby!

Oh My God. Who needs sex when you have super cool posters of the cast members in the upcoming movie Sin City.

Hot, hot, hot!

Smile of an angel!

Oriental Babe kicks ass.

Before the females complain for lack of eye candy...........

Ok, so not exactly eye candy. In fact, I probably look better than him. but hey, he's one hell of a fine actor.

Another fine actor.

I'm taking the lazy blogger's way out here by posting lots of pictures, but at least let me end of on the right note.

My favourite quotes from movies ever:

"Vengeance is a lazy form of grief" -- Nicole Kidman, in The Interpreter

"With great power comes great responsibility" -- Peter Parker In Spiderman ( ya la, I know this line very the cliched already la.)

"He's just a kid!" --- reaction among passengers of a subway train on finding out the identity of Spiderman, after a long hushed silence. In Spiderman 2

"Many men think I'm a concept, or I complete them, or I make them alive. I'm just a f***ed up girl looking for my own piece of mind. Don't assign me yours." Clementine (Kate Winslet) to Joel (Jim Carrey) in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Did I just mentioned I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for like the 5th time yesterday? Nothing beats Sunday afternoons just spent lazing on couches rewatching your favourite movies on DVD. Absolute bliss.

This sort of idyllic lifestyle is so enticing.

Saturday, June 25, 2005 


Marilyn is the best. After Laughingcow passed on the tag to her, she heeded my shameless pleas to get her to tag me. So here I am.

I view tags as well, a great way to show people who read my blog appreciation for actually reading the thoughts you pen down. Which, all bloggers will know, takes a lot of effort some times. You know, after the huge inputs of thought and effort (and sometimes even emotions) into writing, you're just grateful to them for actually coming down and even leaving comments for you.

So, what is the one spark in the midst of darkness? What is the one thing that made you smile today?

Reading Laughingcow's blog today.

Ok, this is not a sycophantic answer, but there's just this positive vibe about her blog which keeps me going back.

So Mr Moron and I are passing the tag to 3 others:

Ball.Of.Yarn, who never fails to captivate me with his well-written posts.
Almonds&Diamonds, because Mr Moron loves reading her entries on her boss and the Ching Chong Changs.
Julian, though I'm not sure whether he'll respond to it.

If given the choice, I'd have passed the tag to OneLittleTwit or Zenith, because they leave comments here, which shows they actually bother to READ my entries, not just visit for fun. But they got tagged by others already. Damn!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 

Look who does surveys too?

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

I just spotted this online survey on blogging via Tym and prompty did it.
In the survey, they used some advanced algorithm (or so i surmise) to create an applet to randomly choose 5 links ( any kind, blog links, article links, picture links, etc) from your blog.

It churned up with this 5:
2)Falconer Designs. The stupid company/independent organization that designed this stupid blogskin. Yes, I downloaded it. You think I even bother to design my blog layout? Too lazy to. Thanks marilyn for helping me with all that crap.
4)Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?-- Kenny Sia's quiz
5)Tym, whose blog I visit quite often.

Some pictures to keep you guys entertained.

YES Plz!

- Keeping America Safe from harm

We don't want no pigs driving!

Now you know why they say not to let your mother buy your clothes.

I'll be back with my post about Friendster soon, as promised in the last post. Way too lazy now.


A lesson on Judgment

FrO recently in his post commented about how he visited Singapore Atheist and he spotted links to a multitude of different fundamentalist websites. Godhatesfags, Godhatesamerica, Godhatescanada and what have you. Seriously, when I read that article, I was lost beyond words because I was so disgusted how people could actually be saying God hates these various group of people/nations. Somehow I believe those websites are put up by Atheists with nothing better to do than to mislead people, but I could be wrong. If I am, well, then I am extremely disgusted by those Christians who actually put up such crap. I mean, why are these people harping such absolute bollocks? Isn't it obvious God loves all?

But then, I rationalize, we Christians are the ones that force push people into skepticism. Most are cynical of God and His existence partly because we Christians have turned God into some fierce, sulky, angry entity. Using God to and the bible to justify their flagrant prejudices and biases is wrong, and detestable. God never said He hated fags; sure, homosexuality is against biblical rules, but He doesn't hate them. He loves them too! Well, Jesus made friends with the thieves, murderers and prostitues in the bible too didn't he?

I quote from Charisma magazine:

"If God's people are not equipped to give homosexuals the special kind of love they need in order to heal the wounds of their past and move into heterosexuality, then we haev no right to oppose them politcally.

No one has any business reading a signle book about how to oppose homosexuals politically until they've read a book on how to love them personally."

That's so true isn't it? Instead of preaching love, these goons turn a gospel of love into a message of hate. No prizes for guessing why there's such a plethora of anti-Christs/militant Atheists out there. (I am not conflating anti-Christs with staunch Atheists)

I'm not saying we should endorse the homosexual lifestyle. You see, the difference between moderates and fundies is how they deal with sin, not what they view as sin. Moderates just go "homosexuality is wrong", fundies go all out to destroy gays.


Some time ago, my pastor was preaching about being a conversionist. Converting/restoring something to its original purpose. We are man have not lost our creativity/productivity obviously, despite Adam's fall, though the things that we do with our creativity has been tainted by our corrupted nature.

Hence, sex and drugs being replete on TV programmes. Not to mention all the negative messages TV shows send out nowadays: esp shows like Friends, The OC etc where everyone's sleeping with everyone. (OK! I admit I still do watch them, but that's not the point.). And yes, Hollywood is pretty much Satan's stronghold in many ways. Many people also say, "the devil has all the good music".

Anyway my pastor was speaking to this 'prayer-warrior', (I think someone whose job is just to pray ... like a warrior? don't ask me) and he was just asking her about what she was going to do about Hollywood. What this crazed woman replied was, she was praying for God to rain down hellfire and brimstone upon Hollywood because it was a dark, worldly place. Give me a break! To that, my pastor could only think in his heart :"man, this woman is one spiritual terrorist". She was not sending a bus full of bombs to crash into Hollywood, she was asking God to do it! Talk about lunatics.

Let's not distort the gospel of love into some manual of hatred. And yes, please learn to be a little less judgmental guys. Before God judges you for your crazy fundamentalism.

Monday, June 20, 2005 

What's in Your mailbox!

In the past few days while I've gone, a couple of things have gotten on my nerves. I found them so grating to me, I actually took the effort to post about them.

Yes, a couple of days ago, I actually went to check my e-mail, (online of course, with a rather respectable e-mail provider service.) Just after barely 3 days of not checking, I found my inbox and bulk mail folder filled up with TONS of absolute shit mails. So here I am, trying to give you a low down on the kind of crap mails people receive nowadays.


Ah, yes. The ubiquitous advertisements. Not a single online e-mail service is spared from the plague that is e-mail ads. There're a wide variety: the ones that promise to help you pay off loans, the ones that claim you've won a free car, the ones that offer to sell degree certificates to you, and finally, the penis enlargement ads.

obviously, the a**holes who created this junk mails ought to be shot. But what is more unforgivable are the dumb goons who actually open these mails, believing all the hollow promises they state in the mail.

*****Subject: Increase Your Penis length by 4 inches now! Scientifically proven to work!***

Click here now to increase your penis length by a whooping 10 inches! Forget other products, we guarantee 10 WHOOPING INCHES TO YOUR DICK TO MAKE IT AS BIG AS A BIG FAT ELEPHANT TRUNK! Experience the most powerful ejaculations you've ever imagined and turn your 10 inch appendage into the latest model of the SUPERSOAKER NOW, with a range of 100m! Be horny all day, and never let your partner down!

I think my new ad would definitely get lots of heads turning.

Generally, these mails are fine, since they get filtered through to the junk mail folder. I religiously just scan through my junk mail folder for any important mails that may have landed there, and then I just empty the whole thing.



These kind of mails used to be ubiquitous at one point of time. About 5-6 years back, they were at the prime of their popularity. Every single retard with nothing better to do would quickly forward tons of nonsensical mails to everyone in their address book, and making a plea to everyone who receive them to further spread the mails.

You know, to catch your attention, those pricks would come up with really creative subject titles like "IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET CURSED PLEASE READ THIS!" or "IF YOU ARE NOT HEARTLESS PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO SAVE A LIFE!". Everytime I see one of these inane titles, I'm tempted to trace down the originator and then send him the most malicious computer virus ever.

For the "if you don't want to get cursed please read this" kind of mails, it always starts off with some pathetic loser girl who went out with this guy, inevitably losing her virginity to that guy, and then eventually totally losing that guy. In her utter state of despair, the distraught girl would, rather impulsively, commit suicide. But before that, she'd send out a mail, and make sure her ghost watches over that mail so that anyone who doesn't spread it would get cursed by her.

I seriously don't know which is more ludicrous. That girl being dumb enough to sleep with her boyfriend at her tender age, knowing that she'd probably not marry him -- and eventually committing suicide, which was actually brought upon her own self; or the fact that people can actually believe that ghosts actually watch over e-mails. Goodness. These idiots who invent these mails should really get a life. To this girl in question who committed suicide (which we all know probably) doesn't exist, I say: good riddance. Now your ghost can haunt me forever if you like. I don't give a damn.

Friendster/Hi-Fi/I'm-a-loser-and-need-a-social-club-website Friends request and testimonials

These are arguably one of the most popular nonsensical shit one receives in his e-mail nowadays. Friendster was the rage about 1 year back, and the popularity and obsession with it may have waned in recent months, but the requests and updates notifications still relentless plague one's mailbox (yes, I'm on friendster too.) I'm absolutely convinced it's one big fad, but I just can't wait to see the popularity completely die off.

I'm just so sick of receiving updates from friendster about my friends ( or sometimes, even strangers) on my account uploading new pictures or updating their profile. I absolutely abhor even stepping into the profile page of some people. you know, there're the standard pictures you keep seeing. Half the girls on friendster, I conclude ( perhaps prematurely and unfair, but nonetheless I don't care because I'm right most of the time) are bimbos. The girls are often easily identifiable -- always decked in clothes that scream "This Fashion', hair dyed in brown with blonde highlights, and with make up impeccably done. Why do their hair ALWAYS have to be brown? How creative indeed! And worse still, half of them does this stupid pose with their fingers in a V-shape -- it is so not kawaii lor.

" I'm sorry, I actually wanted to make a L sign, but people say that one is not good, so I make V sign lor."

Argh. More on friendster in another post.

Saturday, June 18, 2005 


Two nurses wheel my out on the dingy little hospital bed, I decked out in a flimsy piece of cloth they call the operating gown. I stare up onto the ceiling. The white tiles file past my eyes as the bed is manoeuvred adeptly by the nurses from room to room. My mind whizzes. A torrent of contemplative thoughts swirl around my head.

"...And by HIs stripes we are healed." Isa 53:5

He will see me through.


I whiz past a series of automatic doors, finally settling down in an air-conditioned room. There a doctor comes to talk to me, and I faintly mutter 'fine' to his rhetorical 'how are you doing today?' question. The air-con was blasting strongly and I was shivering, what with me being in my skimpy operating gown. The temperature was so cold in the room it would be the ideal dwelling place for Mr Freeze. So, when the doctor finally injects me and hooks me up on the drip, I was already too numb to feel a thing.

Some restlessness ensues when I was waiting impatiently for the doctors. About 15 mins later, they wheel me into the operating theatre. I see lots of hi-tech, state of the art machines, the stuff you see on shows like ER, but when I was there, it seemed more like equipment from a Star Wars spaceship.

Then, the doctor injects me with something, as he mutters reassuringly into my ears: 'you'll be asleep in no time."

***about 2 hours later***

I opened my eyes, still rather sedated. The first thing I remembered when I partially regained consciousness was the doctor coming up to me and saying, the operation went very well, congratulations. I didn't really see him, I only managed to partially open my eyes, since as I mentioned, I was still rather sedated.

***2 and a half days later***

I'm back.

Yes, I've been discharged from the hospital and I'm now recuperating at home. The operation was a success, as I believed it would, thank God. My nose's still running like a tap, with the lethally disgusting combination of blood and mucus leaking out of my nose incessantly. Quite a chore to pick up the tissue paper every few minutes and having a wipe. Worse still, I can't blow my nose too hard or the wound would open and that would spell trouble... the consequences would be inconceivable. I think in that case I would probably pass out from excessive bleeding.

These 2 days, I've been rather passive all day, which is to be expected from someone who just completed an operation. Staying at home and catching movies on DVD, from Hitch to Closer, as well as some television programmes. I feel helpless and useless in my handicapped state, but nevertheless, too thankful that I'm still standing here, every part of me still intact.

Speaking of gratitude, this is really the main point of my post.

I have to thank every single one of you who wished me well, offerred me support, and said prayers for me. Extra cheers to those of you who took the extra trouble to come down to visit me.

Eunice and Natalie.. Thanks for being the first friends to come and visit me. You guys are so great, cracking me up and making me laugh despite the fact that I was in pain. Nat, thanks for staying at home the entire day to make the wonderful card for me. And Eunice, despite the fact that I looked like crap with a blood stained gauze plastered to the bottom of my nose, you nonchalantly shook it off, making me feel more comfortable.

Me: Are you girls grossed out by all this blood ?

Eunice: No la, come on, we see blood every month also lo. Used to it already.

Me: *laughs like an asthsmatic Darth Vader*

Now that was a good one.


Sharon, Shelia and Alvin. Thanks for visiting me though, and staying with me at the hospital to watch Jue Dui Superstar. though I disagree that i look like that blind guy. I look better than him! Grrr. It was really nice of you to buy the Teenage magazine for me, but should I point out, I've outgrown that juvenile crap. :P Thanks for just being there at the hospital bed, by my side, showing your presence. It made me feel so much better.

To all the other well-wishers, the members of E104 like Dale, Jingfa, Lynn - and others like Jieyong, Jasmine, as well as my akachi-s, xiuzhi, Jiajin: thank you from the deepest recesses of my heart for the effort to just type out that messge. Simple, but beautiful and important. :D

Goodness, even my twin brother called when he was having his nights out to ask about me. We've always been close, but I didn't expect such a gesture from him. I thought he would have just taken for granted the fact that I'd be fine. That was really nice of him.

Mom, Dad, you guys are just the best! And mom, thanks for being at my side all the time, buying all the drinks for me, feeding me with porridge, ah-por cooked and just showing me so much concern!

God, for the successful op, and the great people you've sent into my life.

Back to blogging, tv, and chatting as promised. :P

Friday, June 17, 2005 

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

Kenny Sia, Malaysia's funniest blogger, or so many have proclaimed, have created this quiz here to determine which Singaporean blogger you are most like.

Horror of horrors. This is my result.

Congratulations Mr Moron, you are...

'Big Fuck' J Schnorng of

You are a happy happy person. Either that or you hide your depression very well. You are so hyperactively happy you'll probably be overqualified if you were to work as Ronald for McDonald's. You don't bottle your happiness. You go out of your way to make people laugh, even if that means making them a photocopy of your naked ass.

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

I'm about to convulse in spasms of hysterical laughter. What the hell? I'm nothing like big f***. Worse still, I take that as an insult!

I think I should come up with my quiz sometime soon so that I can make sure I get the result I myself desire.

Then again, I can't think of any high profile Singaporean blogger I'm really like. I definitely do not fit the bill to be the next mrbrown, Mr Miyagi or *shudders* Xiaxue.

Sigh, if only there was a result that says I'm most like the Calm One.


An Excerpt: Alexander Pope, Eloisa to Abelard

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd

This few lines are simply enchanting.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 

&*#$ off you DAMN prick!

It won't hurt to do a little more flaming.

Thankfully, no one would take offence to this minor flaming, since the blogger in mention is a rather obscure, horribly inept one.

This damn prick going by the moniker ray@nyc has been leaving tons of shitty comments on blogs like Idle Days and Adri's blog. Come one. Those bloggers are huge names in the virtual one, and have built up a massive readership. Deserving too, of course I must add, since they come up with something interesting every other post.

But then, this stupid dips&*% has been going around these high profile blogs, dropping inane comments like, " I am a new reader of your blog, keep up the good work" and then dropping the url to his blog at the bottom of the comment. SO annoying I must add. Why, when after my blood pressure has abated and went back to normal after my rant-fest in the previous post, some annoying prick must come in my way and piss me off again? ARGH!

And worst still, that BLOODY DUMB CRAP has the same name as my co-blogger, Raymond Tan. Only difference is, my co-blogger is actually able to write well. This dumb prick has to go around whoring traffic off the blogs of others because he can never get any readers himself. ARGH.

I wanted to post something about sarongpartygirl but I think I'll save that for another time, tomorrow maybe.

Monday, June 13, 2005 

My Life's in Good Hands

I'm going for an operation tomorrow for my nose.

In case some of you think my fascination with the drama Nip/Tuck has caught up with me, let me assure you, the surgery is not for cosmetic purposes. Aesthetic concerns do not warrant a person going under the knife. Besides, I'm way too scared of the side effects and risks of an operation to ever want to attempt plastic surgery.

Speaking of which.

I'm a little nervous for the operation tomorrow. It doesn't matter how much the doctor assures you about the high percentage of success, or the sophisticated healthcare techology our hospital utilises nowadays, the facts remain -- there's always the risk of failure. I try to brush off negative thoughts on the possible failure of the operation, and - touch wood - even death, but as the date draws closer, those thoughts seem to hound my conscious mind so doggedly.

And then I pray.


Funny how comforting it can be, especially in times like this, to know whose hands your life are in. It's just one re-assuring thought you get yourself to think, and suddenly the multitude of pessmistic thoughts, like a litany of short-term curses, are just washed away in a go. To know that your life's in good hands, to know Someone will not allow His work in me to go uncompleted.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Heb 11:1

I'll be ok tomorrow. Back to camp ( and blogging, and chatting, and TV) on Friday.

Saturday, June 11, 2005 

Blogging Nausea

People are probably already sick about posts on blogging, but I was so irked lately I can't help but let a little bit of angst and frustration go by ranting a little on my blog. After all that's what I do best-- launching into bitter tirades.

"I won't change my stand that many Singapore blogs are bad. I repeat (for the hundredth and ninty nine time maybe), I am aware that I could be including MY own blog in "Singapore blogging is bad". But like I've told the 500,00,998 people who enquired, whether my blog is good or not is up to them to decide and I couldn't give two figs in the meantime. So stop telling me that I'm setting a trap which I'm falling into myself, yes?" -- ms. beautifuk, October 2004

I concur. Most local blogs out there suck. I put the rough estimate at about 80% of all local blogs. Again, I say, mine may be included. Still, there are always some good ones that do stand out. Those rare gems aren't that difficult to find actually, a couple of them are already listed on my Top-class reads section.

I had been in intensive blog-surfing mode for the past week, while I was on blogging hiatus, relentlessly trying to hunt down the obscure good blog out there. Naturally, I was more disappointed than I was delighted, because most of the links that I derived from some big name blogs turned out to be total shit.

I first started writing on this blog with an invitation from Raymond, and though I admit I always had a stereotype of bloggers being losers with sad lives, I've learnt to see them in a new light, and also to stop stigmatizing them. Hell, I can't be stigmatizing them when I'm part of the flock now right?

This might not be news to anyone, but the climate of the blogosphere has changed so drastically and rapidly in recent months that I'm left gasping for air. There are certain good changes: the sudden resurgence of political blogs are certainly welcome. Also, people are realizing how silly it is to be moulding their blog in the form of an online diary where they go on into great detail about what they ate, where the went, the shape of the shit, and other inane details which people read only to mock at. Oh, and unless you're a beauty to the scale of Cleopatra, please do not attempt to post up tons and tons of hideous pictures of yourself on your blogs. Yes, a few will suffice. Putting up tons of pictures of your friends, the food you ate, the clothes you fancy (which I think is rather trashy most of the time) and silly goofy pictures. If you really had to, you could have at least start up another photo log so you give readers that option. Not all readers are that shallow you know.

Irony is, despite msot bloggers being acutely aware of the fact that blogs which are moulded to be purely online diaries are just a tad boring and annoying, there seems a resurgence of such blogs. Perhaps its a resistance, people are thinking "you can't criticize me because I don't give a shit to what my blog turns out to be and I want to rebel and go against popular thought and make my blog exactly like a garbage bin full of trashy stuff inside". Well, in a way I guess they are right.

It's past 1 am and I can't think properly, let alone structuring this post coherently. I think I'll end this post quick.

I think bloggers don't celebrate intelligence enough. It's always more important to add that sheen of gloss to a blog to attract readers rather than actually write solid content. It doesn't always have to be great, long ( read: boring) essays in general, but it can be actually witty-funny and not cheap-retarded-funny.

Argh forget it. This post is so cliched. Hasn't everybody at one point or another ranted about the dismal state of the blogosphere before? This is ground everyone has tread on before. So I shall not elaborate.

Thanks for putting up with my ranting.

"....which is why style always trumps substance rather than the contrary. intelligence can only be appreciated by other intellectuals, who make up only a minority of the population. To win over the masses, you have to appeal to their mediocrity or apathy. Give them what they want and not what you know is right, and you're on your way." --- Redrown

Thursday, June 09, 2005 

TV is stale

Today I got home and managed to catch Boston Legal on Channel 5 just in time.

It was helmed by acclaimed director/producer David E. Kelley, who also gave us hits like The Practice, Ally McBeal, and Boston Public. I call him the legal drama guru, though Bostom Public is an exception.

Boston Legal did nothing for me. The usual premise, several archetypal lawyer types (though there are 1 or 2 rather unique, well written characters) and several thorny issues raised up to pique our interest and keep us glued to our screen. The show didn't do much for me. I mean, been there, done that, legal shows have inundated our television screen for the past couple of years, what can possibly be new to us discerning viewers. We see the same plots being played around in different ways. It's just all way stale.

With the passing of several great shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Boston Public, I'm almost convinced that really good, solid shows with substance will never ever really reign in at the top of the ratings table. After all, society is filled with legions of airheads who would anytime prefer watching a television show about some fake millionaire, or some perpetually angsty, confused teenagers worry about who's sleeping with their boyfriends/girlfriends.

Just last week, I caught a full episode of Boston Public, the television programme highlighting the issues and problems teachers face, at the same time letting us take a peek into their somewhat enigmatic lifestyles. What they do out of the classroom is always elusive to us, but through the show I've really grown to empathize and relate with them on a greater level. Imagine the euphoria I experienced at the end of the show, having known I haven't wasted 1 hour of my life watching some vacuous trash. I think even that 1 episode really did impact me. And wow, I just love the dialogue.

I went on to the internet to check up the show, to do a a brief read-up on the various characters, since I barely ever watch the show. To my utter dismay, I found out the series got cancelled towards the middle of season 4. I was left disappointed, but more than that, upset.

It's disgusting how producers/creators of television shows are so preoccupied with viewership that they can discard their integrity (if they have any) and produce some total shit with zero value whatsoever to rake in the viewers. They are so caught up in the ratings game, all else become secondary to them: their passion to connect through art, to send messages out to society and generally at least to influence, or simply to touch some of the viewers out there.

The quality of television programmes is deteriorating so rapidly, I'm afraid the cognitive ability of its viewers are also declining proportionately. Seriously, I'm often left in doubt as to why people can enjoy watching a bunch of babes bitch incessantly and fight it out for the heart of a guy, when all they are winning in the end of the show is the chance to get laid with him. I mean, really, when a guy is all successful, does he really need a show to help him find a suitor? He doesn't even have to search, flocks of women would have already thrown themselves at him already. And why would people prefer to watch a pathetically unrealistic show about 4 desperate housewives with sad love lives over a true quality show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

I'm left very deluded as to the state of television and its viewers. I have lots more to write, but I think its pointless to carry on elucidating all my thoughts and dismay on the matter. Right now, I'll stick to the remaning episodes of Boston Public, Joey, Nip/Tuck, tennis matches and EPL matches.

At least LOST is premiering today. Let's hope it'll not turn out to be a big flop.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005 

Queen of Comedy

I officially crown One Little Twit Blogosphere's Queen of Comedy for this post and this. Right. Like what I say matters in the blogosphere at all.

But really, I haven't read such genuinely funny stuff in a blog in such a long, long time.

Sunday, June 05, 2005 

fresh off the dashboard...

ahhh simplicity, how i love thee. this blog design is easier on the eyes, i hope?

Friday, June 03, 2005 

How it is to lose

Yesterday during a game of billiards with my friends, I realized something.

Losing sucks.

Yes, it may sound cliched, and a little too unprofound to come across as a revelation to me, at my age, but suddenly I see losing in a whole new light.

It dawned upon me: it doesn't matter what people say about losing being inevitable in life, failures being the mother of success, and other inspirational/philosophical crap. Losing sucks. End of story.

I was getting my ass so badly whooped at not having a good game of billiards, and normally I could take it with a pinch of salt, considering... it was my second time playing billiards. I was still in the stage of initiation into the game, a total greenhorn. And yet, the feeling of losing seems to be like tasting poison -- bitter, and toxic.


I remember when I was 10, still in primary school. An overwhelming desire for recognition and fame was the driving force behind me joining a skipping competition. Yes! You've heard me right. I joined a bloody skipping competition when I was 10! Don't you judge me, I was only 10 then, and I didn't give a damn to self image. And besides, I was from an ultra nerdy primary school, so there were many guys who joined, not knowing how this competition would tarnish their reputation and effectively render them single for the rest of their primary school life.

After practising like hell for the competition, I still lost. Bloody hell, with all that practice I KNOW I should have won. But I didn't. And that sucks.

I remember in primary 6, I studied my ass off for my PSLE. I ended up with a decent score of 254, but landed up only in a mind-****ingly shitty secondary school of which I have more nightmares than fond memories. What was worse was the fact that I put in more effort into my studies than my brother but ended up in a worse school.That sucked.

When Manchester United lost to Arsenal at the FA Cup recently, that sucked. Real bad. The defeat was like a pebble lodged within your throat, something you couldn't possibly swallow.

When Bo Bice lost to Carrie Underwood, I almost threw a lamb at the television screen. At the same time, I had to stifle myself from the barrage of expletives about to come out of my mouth, since there were many people around me.

This is a rather incoherent post, but I just had to put it down on my blog.

Losing sucks.

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