Sunday, February 19, 2006 

A Lousy Poem

I am sitting here
With a Pain on my back
Because I have a slipped disc.

Stupid slipped disc stupid slipped disc
why must you afflict my poor little back?
I hate you slipped disc.

Stupid me stupid me
why go and cheong until got slipped disc?
because my platoon all paika paichu cannot carry heavy stuff
make me the small guy carry
until i got a slipped disc.

stupid SAF, Stupid SAF!

Saturday, February 11, 2006 

Never call me HARDCORE.

Sometimes, when people question me about my religion or ask me things pertaining to my faith in order to strike up a conversation (lousy ice-breaker, I must add), the conversation often leads to big bulging eyes and jaw-dropped, tongue tied expressions - followed by a remark that I often hate: "you're a hardcore Christian".

Now, being labelled 'hardcore' ranks high on my abhorrence list. It's like no. 1 on my 10 Commandments of Getting Along With Raymond : never ever call me hardcore. it irks me so much because of many reasons:

1) what? you don't know better words to use to describe me and other Christians? You watch too much porn already is it? Only know of the 1 word which comes to your mind inevitably?!

2) hardcore makes me seem like some looney, psychotic zealot. I'm just a staunch Christian, not a schizo nutcase. =D And by the way, atheists who are 'hardcore' are not dubbed 'hardcore' but rather, 'militant atheists' or 'angry atheists'. Sounds a lot less insulting right? Of course, being labelled a 'militant Christian' would be in itself an oxymoron, and the impression it creates is... well, undesirable.

3) 'hardcore' sounds stupid.

the stigma attached to being branded a 'hardcore' Christian is quite a burden to carry. when word spreads that you're a 'hardcore' Christian, it sometimes leads to raised eyebrows, awkward stares, even blatant avoidance. Quite a burden to carry, I must mention.

But at the end of the day, I'm proud to be a Christian. People say Christians are sheep; I say Christians stand out. My faith, beliefs and values defines my individuality and identity a lot. I mean, com'on, which guy nowadays doesn't believe in pre marital sex, getting drunk, getting into fist fights and would rather visit the elderly in his spare time? people might perceive me as an anomaly in the human species (what the heck.) but it's that risk that drives me on sometimes. You know, that living on the edge, putting myself in the Ridicule Spotlight and making myself highly vulnerable to mockery and gossip. it makes me feel different and unique! And I strangely derive some silly satisfaction from that. heh.

Having said that, Marilyn puts it really well. Why do some atheists quote from the bible to substantiate their arguments when they don't even believe in the bible anyway? Half the time, their arguments are flawed because their knowledge of the bible is so limited. Food for thought.

Life in camp is rocky, full of misunderstandings and backbiting, but I know God will see me through. It's never easy to be in the position of an IC, but what God appointed me to be He'll give the grace to let me accomplish it. I'm fine, guys!

Sunday, February 05, 2006 

Smiley Faces

Why don't guys use the smiley face regularly in their blog? For me, I love using it, because I just can't help but... contain the joy that's in me. It's just a natural instinctive thing - to feel joy and express it.

let's see, several perceptions about the smiley faces:

1)only girls use it
2)only gays use it
3)only wimps use it

Ok, somehow i've gotten over the stigma of the smiley face and have started employing it such that it has become rampant in my blog and in my comments.

I find that it brightens my words up, and it brightens my blog up. I don't see why some guys seem so insecure such that they feel employing its use would but a dent in their masculinity. why ar?

ok for the 'tough' guys out there, a few pointers to help sway your opinions...

1) using the =D smiley face would make girls think you are cute. Even if they think you're acting cute, at least you get plus points for effort. :D

2) for the bloggers, using it in your posts make you seem friendly, and hence attract readers. (though yet to be proven true since I'm hardly a popular blogger still. heh)

3) smiling in real life uses less muscles than frowning. to type a smiley face would only require pressing 2 keys on the keyboard :D instead of 4 for all the **** **** expletives.

Ok that's all. bye!

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