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Friday, September 17, 2004 

I'm mighty pissed with Sing Idol too

Marilyn... you're totally spot on? After Maia got in... I think we should have just changed the Wildcard show's name to the Wildchild show. Seriously Maia amazed us but for all the wrong reasons... she showed us that she could sing horrendously out of tune even with alot of live experience that's for one.... When she went Uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh she sounded more constipated than sexy... it's was terribly off key and send chills down my spine. 2ndly, she amazed us because she showed that even with a horrible performance like that, the judges could still sing praises for her. Lastly, she exposed how the judges must have been too testosterone-charged and based their judgments on their lower anatomy. All right, on consideration that she's my friend's ex-classmate, I shall spare her more of tongue lashing. I'm on a really savage mood because of the horribly wrong decisions made on yesterday's Singapore Idol.

Sylvester... I talked to him personally b4 while I was in the crew for Singapore Idol... but i seriously cannot believe he made it to the top 12. If what makes the Singapore Idol is the capability to smile, congrats, Sylvester, U're gonna become the Singapore Idol. Well, not "THE" singapore Idol, in fact. You'll be "A" Singapore Idol. Along with 4 million others. HIs singing was just mediocre and the judges lavished such praise on him I thought he must have cast a spell on them. Sylvester is the name of the cat but he looks more like a vampire. Oh well, but guess we'll have to respect Singapore's decision... at least we have a few horrible singers to vote out in the next round... Marilyn... Let's keep our fingers crossed for Jeassea to go all the way!

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