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Saturday, September 18, 2004 

Wooweeee my first post!!!

Wowweeee!!!!!! My first posting on my first blog ever. I've always despised blogs because seriously i thought blogs were for losers with no friends to share their life with and for seriously lonely people who are deprived of company.... and also for people desperate for that little bit of attention. Oh no... all those devoted bloggies out there will kill me!!! Haha but now I guess I'm a blog convert myself... anyway I realized it can be a great great way to communicate with your friends and to let your inner most feelings be expressed to them without face to face contact? Yeah that can be kinda intimidating actually.

Anyway to all my readers, (hopefully some of the readers out there aren't actually my friends), a brief intro one me! I'm actually a very interesting guy if you get to know me (I'm enough of an egotist to be honest abt it!!!). I'm 19 this year, a Singaporean Chinese, serving my National Service in the Navy as a crappy VM, and very very happily planted in a second home to me which is called City Harvest Church! About my looks... I'm really short! I used to be really insecure about it but now I kinda love it... that doesn't mean i wish I'm taller... but now I can't imagine how I'll be if I'm taller! haha (told you i was an egotist) Ok looks.... and about personality? I'm very sarcastic, to certain friends... the more familiar I am with you, the most sarcastic I tend to be... ok la, that doesn't exactly apply to all my good friends except for some. I don't wanna say that I'm nice and caring and all but I guess you will realise it after some time of reading my blog!

Ok to cut the crap short, I'll get started on my day... it's been 1 week at Tuas Naval Base already... soooooo terribly boring man. The job just really sux... they keep saying how u're important and all that BS, and you should have pride in what you do.... I wanted to shout out to my sir the other day, "Dude, this isn't the bloody commandos!". I hate my job but I guess while I'm at it, I'll do my best. People in my camp are super hokkien speaking... which leads me to continue ranting... why on earth am i here? Sure enough I've learnt alot more hokkien in this past week from my grandma... but in my ears they're speaking tamil. No, actually in tongues.
I get along with my campmates quite ok, no hate feelings, but sometimes it's kinda hard to get into conversation with them coz some of them aren't gd English or Chinese speakers.. which makes me a... oh well, check it up in the dictionary : Loner. In my camp. It's terribly boring in here coz there's no one I can really talk to about anything. Singapore Idol? TV? Music? Tennis? Even soccer (which i only watch here and there)... all the people in the camp are only concerned abt the results coz they're punters... they're not really in it for the game.

Oh well, at least that's the conclusion of a boring work week for me. Tomorrow will be so much better! Going to see a spa with Jiajin ( one of my shen ming zhong zui hao de peng you), then go cut hair with him ( haha funny right 2 guys go cut hair together?) then go makan.... then it's cell group meeting! Which I always am looking forward to every week coz I love everyone there and more importantly I love God...

Pamela... thanks for the testimony... really... It kinda made my day so much better!

And for the readers out there... sorry for such a lengthy and boring first entry! I'll definitely bring in more interesting bits of my life for you soon! Haha as I said I'm a very interesting guy. (shut it!)

hello !!!

remember me ???

Hi from a total stranger. I just stumbled onto this blog and thought I'd say congrats on your first post. :-)

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