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Saturday, January 13, 2007 


I'm kind of pissed at 2006 because I haven't managed to get any sort of real fulfillment watching television of movies. If you think fulfillment from film is oxymoronic I highly suggest you go for a brain transplant because you can get tons of satisfaction watching film. I do.

I'm totally done with Lost, and it's seriously going down the shithole. It's not doing it for me anymore and now even the twists and turns the writers put into the plot is actually coming across as very gimmicky to me already. Half the time the tension doesn't add up to anything constructive - i.e. any sort of revelation of a character or some sort of emotional layering.

I've tried to put myself through America's Next Top Model and I can't do it anymore. The eye candy is getting worse and worse every season. Eye candy is the main reason why i watch it anymore. the shots and stuff I do appreciate but i feel most of them have such a 'done that' feel to it, I rather be reading photography mags or fashion mags (which i never do) if I wanted to look at good shots myself.

I'm not going to mention other reality television programmes because most of them are really terrible at the moment.

Sitcoms/comedy wise I'm loving Kitchen Confidential, which they're airing on Ch5 at a gross neglected timeslot, but I almost self imploded from shock and anger when i found out it was cancelled after one season.

Well at least there are some gems which i uncovered this year like Veronica Mars, which I'm determined I'm going to follow it fervently. And I've just finished the DvDs for the 4th season of Six Feet Under, which I love to bits - it has some of the best dialogue ever heard on television.

Well looking forward to 2007. Heroes is coming to Singapore at the end of the month on Starworld! If any of you don't have cable, this is the time to get it.

That's why the title of the show is called "Lost". Writers lost, Actors/actress lost, Viewers lost... :)

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