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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Vanity Fair

Today I was walking home along this rather narrow kerb walkway by myself, when one young woman was walking in the opposite direction. Since that kerb was rather narrow, once you're walking in the centre of the lane, there isn't enough space for another person to walk past you, unless you shift to the side.

Problem is, this girl was occupying the centre spot of the kerb and she was using her umbrella to cover her face, most likely because it was a sunny day and she didn't want to expose her face from any excessive radiation therapy. So she was walking in position,
umbrella grasped firmly in hand, her guardian protecting her from the vicious nemesis of the skin - sun rays!

Then I was trying to evade her even as I approached because she was like a wild boar roaming into a danger zone; unfortunately, I was the one being endangered in this case. Even as I approached her, i tried to shift myself to the extreme side of the kerb, but out of a sudden, she raised up her umbrella and almost hit me with head of the umbrella. Sure enough, she exposed her face, and her flawless, radiating, snow-white skin.

And that got me thinking, why in the world are girls so vain they actually walk with their umbrellas like that? It's actually quite dangerous, and even bordering on obsessive. I think just slapping on a bit of sun block should do the trick right? It would suffice to protect anyone from a little glare of the sun.

Girls ar. Why so vain one. (okok, stereotype again, but this one's generally true, so i'm sticking to it.)


On another note, these are my few favourite American Idol contestants!

My 2 favourite females are:

Lisa Tucker -- what a gorgeous young thing. Absolutely poised, glamorous, and hot!

Paris Bennett -- psychedelic, hyperactive, cute ball of youthful energy and spunk

My 2 favourite male contestants are:

Chris Daughtry -- nice and pleasant and wholesome looking rocker dude (if ever there was a oxymoron... but hey, then again, why can't rockers be wholesome and nice? rock's just the genre of music, it doesn't define how a person's personality should be, and props to him for daring to be different!)

Taylor Hicks -- he's just weird - and I like weird!

Seriously, some of the American Idol contestants are so good looking, I doubt they belong on this planet. i just want to mangle up their faces till it looks like this

Sour grapes, if you will! =D

Haha i have doubts about anyone that's named Paris now. (*think Paris Hilton) Well i am not that vain and i am tanned and sometimes people talk to me in malay or tamil. I am beginning to think i should really do something to get flawless white skin as said.

i'm tanned! and not that vain either. or at least that's what i like to think. i hate the porcelain white look. it's hard to keep (in our kind of weather) and it just looks hideous when you want to wear white clothing.

and this post is like... overdue lor.

Derka derka derka mohammad jihad!

I'm fair but I don't have a habit of carrying an umbrella. It's so troublesome lor!! Maybe a pair of shades will do. I dont think 5 minutes under the sun will makes anyone go any darker...


twit but i like your skin tone actually. it's glowing! hmm I don't like a charcoal girl but the last thing I want is someone who is so obsessive as to carry an umbrella everywhere to protect her ivory skin. it's a bit too extreme la. maybe sunblock or a cap or shades will do.

lyn: sorry but the thoughtful post which i promised you is yet to be posted up! soon soon.

dr fletcher: i can't admire the words but at least i can admire the picture of the clinkz!

jasmine: precisely! actually, my mom also forces me to bring an umbrella to most of the places i go. heheh. just that i don't take it out to use it.

Sorry you've been impaled on an umbrella, but I must point out that it's not just vanity. Skin cancer is a very real concern. I wear loads of sunscreen every day, but I still really have to watch my sun exposure. Sunscreen is not the same as not being in the sun.

*strangles raymond*

i rest my case. *sighs*

I encountered near misses where the umbrella nearly poke my face. Some cases nearly poke my eye. I want to siam, the person also siam the umbrella in same direction.

And not only char bor. Tar por also have.

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