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Sunday, September 19, 2004 

I'm feeling GReaT!!!!!!!

I feel good! What a weird thing to say. Anyway... my friend Eugene just saw my blog and asked whether mine could be linked to his! Haha of course I said yes... I'm really glad at least 1 guy read my blog... haha

Anyway skipped yesterday's post. I was supposed to go to the spa with Jiajin, one of my sheng ming zhong zui hao de peng you. Haha... weird right? 2 guys go see spa? and it was just seeing the spa, we wasn't even gonna use the facilities. Anyway last min it got cancelled, but I kinda begged him to go REDS to cut hair with me.. he refused at first... but I told him if he did then he didn't have to repay me the 50 bucks he owed me... and he immediately changed his mind. haha. The haircut was great... although Jj, true to his self, was extremely terribly late. We were supposed to go to my church cell group after that ( for those of you who don't know what a cell group is... well I'll come to that in one of my posts this week) and it was his 2nd time coming with me to cell group. After a very, very, very, agonizing drive, Jiajin and I and my very good friend Pamela finally came out of the maze and found our way to my church cell group ( at my friend's house). Anyway we were really late, and my cell group leader kinda told us to change that if we want to experience God's presence. It was a mild kind of rebuke... and I think I deserve it. It's really really bad to be late for cg coz we're taking the presence of God for granted. Ok I must stop this preachy stuff. The atheists reading this must be really baffled by what I'm saying.

After cg, Pam and Jiajin left to meet another friend, and he shuttled my cell group mate to Serangoon MRT. Omg. I found out today that he couldn't find his way tot he mrt station and went ALL the way to PAYA LEBAR mrt station, then to BRADELL, and then finally to the mrt station. I almost ripped out my heart. But I kinda wasn't surprised coz Jj actually failed his driving license... haha.. the examiner passed him because he pitied Jiajin! Maybe that examiner was gay. Haha.

So yesterday night, about 8 of my cell group members headed down to CAN cafe at Bugis... it's along the line of pubs down there... thank goodness the cafe itself wasn't really smokey. We were sitting in the non smoking area thats why haha... although some mad people were still smoking there... we played a lot of really rather lame riddle games! like the "maaamaaa how many sheep jump over the wall?" game. and the Black Magic game. And the "johnny woosh" game. REally fun to see the expression of those puzzled people. Anyway the entire night was great.... I love being with my cell group.... I love my cell group i love my cell group i love my cell group i love my cell group i love my cell group i love my cell group i love my cell group! But then that day I learnt about God's presence, and hearing from Him... that's really the most important thing about cell group... growing closer with God? I love God I love God I love God I love God I love God I love God. oh no. I better stop rambling... Not all of my friends reading here are Christians. YikeSXxxX!

Anyway, Today was rather cool. Got up rather early, played a game of Warcraft 3, went to prepare for church, and thoroughly enjoyed doing my hair! I styled it like a mini mohawk but not so extreme. I love playing with my hair. Haha. Anyway took a cab down to Paya Lebar Mrt station and grab some McDonalds breakfast b4 taking the shuttle bus down to City Harvest Church! (wooo hooo most roXxxXor church around). Church service was really, really great.... really felt it was a really timely message. Except for the fact that Jiajin came 1 hour late!!! and kept distracting me by sending me messages, I really felt the presence.... Really happy also that Pamela and my friend Lynn made it down to church in time by taking the last bus...

After cell group, fellowship was great as usual, went to makan as a cell group, then Pam, Lynn and Jiajin left first and the rest of us went to the church cafe to talk for a while before heading back home. The weekends just pass so quickly! Now tomorrow is back to the hellhole. Sigh. But then again tonight I'll stir myself up and stir up my faith and believe that this week will be a better week! Hallelujah! On the mrt trip home... really taked to Sharon about lots of spiritual stuff? My first in a long time.

Finally, today, I've made some serious serious serious decisions. Firstly, I must stop being overly sarcastic. Which sometimes I am because it's in my character? But guess must also do it in moderation. Pamela and Jiajin, if you're reading this, I don't mean to be overly sarcastic to both of u! HAha its just that u guys have been my great friends for such a long time it's hard not to be that way. Just wanna let you know I love you guys! Anyway, 2ndly, it's to never be late for any appointment ever again, especially for cell group or service (though I'm mostly v early for service...haha). 3rdly, it's to pray like mad!

And to my readers... tomorrow I'll try to put some funny stuff into my blog! Sorry for the boring post today... Just wanted to let u guys know my weekend routine. Hmm sometime this week I'll put some posts on my cell group (totally love them)? And my shen ming zhong zui hao de peng you which happen to all be my secondary school friends. And also probably I guess some funny stuff about Singapore Idol again, and Britney? Haha :D

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