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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 

Do You Have a Long Middle Leg?

This photograph depicts a men's restroom at a Sofitel (a chain of 5-star hotels operated by Accor Hotels) in Queenstown, New Zealand, which has attracted a fair bit of interest and commotion:

Five star hotels are normally famous for their opulence and their design but the new $45 million Sofitel in Queenstown is gaining notoriety for its little boys room.

It has brought the hotel a couple of complaints from church goers and a couple of hundred people wanting to take a look.

It's the most popular room in the five star hotel.

In recent years businesses such as restaurants and hotels have tried to "liven up" their public restrooms with catchy or unusual decor, many of which play on our expectations of privacy while engaging in bathroom-related functions. A favorite set-up is to install mirrored glass panels around the urinals in men's rooms that allow restroom patrons to view the crowds milling around the adjacent restaurant or hotel lobby and create the impression that those crowds can see into the restroom as well. (In fact, the panels are mirrored on the outside, so all the restaurant or hotel customers see are their own.

The clever artwork around the urinals in the men's restroom pictured above plays not only on our fears of being observed (particularly by members of the opposite sex) in the bathroom, but also on specifically male fears of having the size of their "equipment" viewed and judged by women — especially women who, as in this case, are evidently well-prepared to measure, photograph, and poke fun at "equipment" they deem to be inadequately sized.


It's funny how we males are sometimes at the losing end of a never-ending gender war. I mean sure, there are many companies where males still predominantly take up all the positions of power, but females are increasingly competitive and more and more are climbing up the corporate ladder, carving out a successful career for themselves.

Anyhow, I find the whole bullshitty length of penis= level of masculinity absolutely bollocks. And guess what, everyone knows its bollocks too. But somehow, for some reason or another, that kinda dumb stereotype is so ingrained in our mindsets, entrenched into our culture, we can't seem to discard that mentality.

Really, I think the concept that a male's worth and masculinity being based on the length of what's behind his pants absolutely crippling -- not because I've got a small one (in which case even if its true I'll never admit it)-- because it is something you can never change. And i know you guys are thinking about those penis enlargement treatments, but seriously my theory is that what grows in lengths shrinks in width, so I don't want to have a very long chopstick like penis because it's absolutely useless in sex.

And I also think that whole concept was first perpetrated by feminists who want to get back at males, for reasons too many to be named.

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Heh what can we all say?? Sex sells-end of story for corporate giants in search of a nifty idea.

There are a great deal of stereotypes around and the media is not being very helpful in constantly seeing it as yet another opportunity. We get numbed by the mindset of rhe real world and similarly avoid people dumb enough to rigidly subscribe to them. People usually do have more commonsense than that though, I'm pleased to note, and hence such crap is not really a part of our lives until some nitwit bugger comes along-in which case we either steer well clear of them or proceed to attempt to use words to pound some sense into that skull of theirs which was originally thin, but now electrolytically plated with reinforced steel by the trashy crap they have been exposed to over the years.

One of the less obscene-but more popular and subscribed to image, however, is of the man always being the guy who watches porn, enjoys football, and is so infinitely desensitized to another's feelings he is incapable of tact. The more I look around me, the less I see of it in real life. It's either I need to grow up more, or I need to get my own slice of the media market. I shall write a book entitled "Men are from Venus and Woman are from Mars."

Well, the same can be said for society's expectations of feminism, and what is aesthetically attractive; please let me know the next time you see a female on the cover of a fashion magazine whose proportion rightly reflects the average demographic -- maybe I'll buy a cake to celebrate the moment.

It's funny how we males are sometimes at the losing end of a never-ending gender war.

I disagree that males have it worse; I suspect you'll find more anorexic women, or simply women who are constantly looking to lose weight, than men who are looking to increase their penis size (either in length or girth). It's probably true that jokes about penis size perpetuate insecurity, but the same can be said for the men who fawn over Fiona Xie, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston... (insert own selection here)

Anyhow, I find the whole bullshitty length of penis= level of masculinity absolutely bollocks.

We can try to change society's perceptions, but that might take some time; for now, perhaps it will do us good to make the effort to remember that the correlation between societal aesthetics and self-worth is just as you said, bollocks. :)

If I were the designer, I will put up a picture of a gal holding up a HUGE pairs of garden shears! Hahahhaa

lynne: or a reflective urinal that works like those magic mirrors at the amusement park, ya?

but Mr.Moron, your post runs several thoughts quickly through my head. I contemplated doing a follow-up to your topic but laziness got the better of me so you will have to excuse me for taking up more than the usual comment allocation-space for visitors.:)

in a nutshell, i do think this masculinity/feminity thing is just like someone believing us to be smart/stupid/worthy/unworthy of time or attention. then someone comes along and blows all that nonsense out of the water and tells us he/she doesn't care about all that. and then it hits us - that's all that really matters at the end of the day; worrying only about the opinions of those who choose to see beyond the usual (and small penises/boobs) and less of those who are content to stop at the minimal. at least, that's how i try to see it.

Me: We are honoured to be in the presence of such a gargantuan penis.

Wow..your penis....so big!

*proceeds to take over Pearl Harbour*

Oh, c'mon, this is pretty funny. There's a bar in my hometown in Wisconsin that has a two-way mirror in the men's room that looks out onto the bar. I've never actually seen it, min you...

it's all about creative concepts now. that's how toilets in j8 had confusing mazes for entrances (confusing for the really blur people or direction-challenged) and.. and.. God knows what!

that one is funny though. wish they had a larger variety of actions for the ladies instead of just gaping at the supposed size of your member. heh.

Marcus: wow that's a long comment! heh. I hate stereotypes. End of Story. whether the stereotypes victimise men and women doesn't really matter to me. But it's true I hate that stereotype about real men being the beer bellied, wolf-whistling, loud-mouthed lot who enjoys watching soccer together in pubs on saturday nights.

I mean, I'm rather into soccer too, but if you compare it with my obsession with TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or my passion with music and all things Franz Ferdinand, it's nothing. But I don't think being artistically inclined or whatever makes one less of a man. Ok... better cut this reply short because I'm rambling now....

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Laughingcow: Actually I feel that stereotypes are actually put in placed by perpetrators to help them be of a certain level of control over the victims. Like say how men in the past reduced women to nothing more than sex objects and household figures -- that was perhaps an attempt on their part to try to restrain what they deem as a potentially malevolent breed.

So to me the whole thing with men and their penises could be something on the female's part to try to strike back at men. Just a theory.

Or perhaps, men are really just too stupid to even know that's not the real worth to a man. So what if you have tons of sex? What are they trying to prove?

Responsiblity, consistency, integrity and strength are still the cornerstones of a men's character. :P

Lynne: darn! You're one wicked girl. Lol. But I think that'll really be quite an interesting picture!

B.o.Y: Yeah ditto that! That's why I'm writing this post. To tell everyone that it doesn't matter. I mean, seriously, I'm not even afraid to tell people that I'm a virgin because it doesn't make me one bit less secure. :D

I AM A VIRGIN! Ok la, but I'm still very very young. Like just super early 20s?

SB: Wah lao eh. Haha why you go and peek at my well endowed pleasure pole (trying to think of some euphemisms here....) ar? Don't tell me you are.... tsk tsk! Hahaha

Venitha: I doubt I will ever come across such a thing in Singapore! :D

MM: Wow, you are so rare and precious!

dang.. was just in Queenstown 7 days ago and wanted to make friend who won money at the casino buy my G&T there, but relented..

Hilarious, it's so creative...and I looove Lynne's suggestion! *wink*

lyn: You know now with all the refurnished toilets at the major shopping malls, the toilets are like minor mazes. A little confusing to find your way around the entrance. :D

Lynne: Yup. I'm quiet rare. Ok then again, being a virgin at my age isn't all that uncommon either. As I said, I"m young!!

Woof!: erm... what G&T? Eh I think you posted comment in the wrong blog. Haha!~

mag: You're as evil as Lynne man...

i think woof thought you were referring to the toilets in queenstown.. =p

it's australia dah-ling. =pPp

edit that. new zealand. =x

Oh, Ok! I see i see.

Hahaha. That's really creative. Still, I wouldn't like using that toilet because there's a lack of privacy using the urinals. You never knew whether the guy next to you couldn't be gay and fantazing about you on the stop. Hahaha.

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