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Friday, October 07, 2005 


Since I'm absolutely hopeless with html, I'll be waiting till Marilyn comes online and get her to incorporate Haloscan comments back onto my blog again. It's a little trickier with this template, but in the worse case scenario, I'll make do with blogger comments.

Please be patient with me.

Meanwhile, my law student friend stumbled across a really funny story, enjoy!

Here it is:

One day, God was touring Heaven and noticed that the Pearly Gates were terribly scratched and worn.

So he asked St. Peter, "What's happened to the Gates?" St. Peter replied, "It's from all the sinners who struggle and grab on when they're told they're going to be cast into the bottomless pit."

God said, "If this is the work of sinners, then it's Satan's responsibility. Tell him he has to pay for the repairs!" B

ack came the reply from Satan, "So sue me!"

God read Satan's words, sighed and shrugged. St. Peter said, "What shall we do, Lord?" God replied, "There's nothing we can do. He's got all the lawyers."

I think this comments system is pretty cool. I need a vote... who prefers Haloscan still?

Haha, I hope Woof reads this ...

i actually think the blogger system works pretty well with your current template.;)

perhaps u could incorporate a one-click-to-comment link as well on the blogposts on the index page, for those who want to jump straight into commenting. u could take a look at my blog to get a better idea of what i'm saying if you're actually keen on that.

Ooo.. this template looks so "intellectual"!

I like Haloscan, but there is this problem with Haloscan - if one comment on directlink page, the comment don't appear on Haloscan pop up. Anyway, I'll still vote for Haloscan.

lynne: haha... I'm pretty sure he's one of the 'good' lawyers around. :D

BoY: Yeah I prefer this comments system on this template. I wanted to do something like what you did on your blog but I've no idea what to do with the html and how to get it to work like yours? Maybe I email you or something to ask for help? :D

Lil Dow: See first. Haha... IF, IF, IF I know how to get the haloscan comments to work properly with this template! :D I'm a HTML nut.

Oh great. I found a link from your law student friend, which I clicked on. So it was another guy which I knew in the past(most likely). In the past, I thought he was educated and learned about things. Now I believe he's just pretenious(or however it's spelt).

lol!!! that's exactly what adrian told me (all lawyers go to hell)

but i don't believe that. not. a. single. bit. =x

you sure you want haloscan? you accumulated quite a bit on blogger comments and i think it's working pretty well. if you really wanna i'll go do it lor. just lemme know.

SB... was he your classmate previously? So I guess he's now a law student too? It's a pity that many (but not all) lawyers are smart and educated, but one thing they never learn is to have a good character.

Lyn: I think for now I'll stick to blogger comments. But I need to know how to incorporate a one-click-to comment link like B.o.Y's blog. Need help. :D

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