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Friday, February 18, 2005 


Sorry for the long period of absence, but the last 2 weeks or so for me have been a really turbulent time for me, with me facing many obstacles, and also certain consequences of my silly misdeeds. I know I'm making a habit out of apologizing, but I know my readers out there will empatize with me. It's just that when your mind is so shrouded with chaos and confusion you're hardly in the right state of mind to blog again.

Chinese New Yearthis year was as usual, uneventfu.. I know half the county must be probably ranting and whining away about it on their blogs, so I'll save the rhetoric. The only few things i'll have to point out is that the last couple of days have seen me being surroudned by shallow, superficial, vapid people and their boring and incessant conversations about clothes/bags/cars/computers. I hate the fact that for the sake of my parents, I have to oblige when it comes to engaging in the most vacuous of conversations with my relatives, some of whom are still anonymous to me. Yes, I really do have trouble remembering the name of some of my relatives! (on my father's side) Thankfully, this year, the tendency to engage in all those inane conversations about what I'm gonna do in University, what I want to work as in the future, and how to differentiate Roy (my twin brother) and I is finally starting to wane, mainly because I would find a corner to isolate myself or perhaps engage in some activity that would require my full attention, like watching television or playing the computer.

Nothing about Chinese New Year enthuses me anymore. Not the new clothes, not the merry making ( or mental torture, depending on your perspective), not even the great food and goodies. I have not even opened all my hong baos yet, mainly because my mind is so far away from such things. Worries and burdens plague my mind incessantly. I'm afflicted with the worst of maladies, taht's called stress ( hopefully not depression).

What a bleak way to start off the lunar New Year.

*written on Sunday night, February 13, but only posted now*

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