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Friday, February 04, 2005 

'it is not fair..right(s)?'

Lets talk about moral rights today.

The most ridiculous conversation I overheard today was at the train station, I was passing a Station officer who was reprimanding 2 young men, he went on, the only part I heard while passing was... 'is it fair that the passenger in front of you paid, but you just walked thro' behind?!'

And I thought to myself, 'he'd better go home, put bottle caps on the floor, and kneel over it; thanking his gods that he wasn't speaking to me.'

I would have asked him, in a world of fair competition, where does a monopolistic market stand? How fair can it be when the sole provider of a public service such as the Mass Transit Train have no competitor against? How fair is it to the consumer (us) when they choose to raise prices to make more profits, and we have no substitude to turn to?

And now, just because a teenager doesn't pay his fare, they scream foul and it being unfair the other passengers?!

Why don't they scream the same when they raise their fares? That it is immoral to not make less, for the purposes of providing a fair public service?

Why don't they scream the same unfairness when they raise the fares, and realise the commuters have no alternative train services, but to remain stuck with them?

And to make matters worse, they merge with a bus company, further extending their tight grip on the public service' transport industry, with a key primary focus of profiteering; regardless of its fairness, mecenarily clanging on the cash registers to ensure that they are not shortchanged.

Oh, yes.. lets talk about being fair again? To the previous passenger or to me, who has been at your mercy of sheer profiteering.

Well, don't ever dare talk to me about being fair again to a public transport company, for the fares risen each time is not justifiable at all.

Don't ever dare tell me to be fair to them, for charging more to cash paying passengers, because the poor that are the penalized ones who cannot afford to pay a one time top-up fee of 1666% the fare, to enjoy the discounts.

Now, tell me if they have to moral rights to tell me to be fair to the other paying passenger, when they have shortchanged us, even good reasons for their actions.

How disgusting.

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