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Wednesday, January 26, 2005 

reality and television

ok, before i start on my post, let me just rant at what others see as a necessity for porn.

opening my inbox has always been an innocent affair. i do not surf porn websites, plus reliable hotmail filters will clear all indications of porn from my inbox straight into my junk mail folder. so chances are most of my stuff are really innocent. the closest thing that i got to nude was probably an ugly stick figure drawn by a kid.

imagine my shock to find some idiot who posted on my msn group advertising her own sexiness. nude photos included. bah. it's so tasteless i'm on the verge of puking now. someone pass me the barf bag!

whoever you are, just pray i don't run into you because i'll be sure to humiliate you for being such a shameless slut. sheesh.

that aside. *pauses five minutes to barf her indignance off*

and now, we resume regular programming.

the media is becoming tasteless. repeat after me: "tasteless".

sure, "survivor" was an amazing success. "the amazing race" was a runaway stroke of brilliance. and "american idol" was nothing short of a sensation. but do you guys know when "enough is enough"?

reality tv. yeah, we're so interested in what goes on in other people's lives. we relish in laughing our heads off at bloopers others like us commit. we hold our breaths and stop life in its tracks to watch some virtual unknown make the fool of himself for that 15 minutes of fame. but, seriously, enough is enough.

in our general paper questions, we usually diss reality tv's bad examples for portraying all the undesirable qualities. we argue the pros and cons of reality tv. "temptation island" is the usual target.

but "temptation island" is getting kind of stale ain't it? who remembers it anymore? gp students! dump those decomposing ideas and take these fresher ones instead!!

producers are so hooked on reality tv, they trip over themselves to throw out more and more lame ideas to draw in the ratings. first we have the stars making a fool out of themselves: "the simple life" and (horror!) "road trip". watch rich sluts kids paris and nicole eke it out away from their luxury mansions and personal chauffeurs! really, who cares? admit it. the only reason why the world really knows paris hilton is because of that sleazy sex video she made. "the newlyweds" gave us the idea that stars do not have brains. what is nick lachey doing with a brainless bimbo like jessica?

then we have "the next action star", "the bachelor", "the bachelorette", blah blah blah. lustful passions, bad bitching and hypocritical backstabbing. we have the good, the bad and the ugly. the typical formula for most drama serials plus undesirable values served together with dinner for the kids to consume. it's bad but addictive, just like fast food.

you know what? stop it already. the first few creations have the credit of being "fresh and innovative" but constant recycling of an idea will eventually make what was "fresh and innovative" wither and die.

i'm looking forward to good drama serials to return to our screens. and the actually good shows put in its deserving timeslots. leave paris, nicole, and the backstabbing bitches of reality tv for the inhumane hours when their inane fans will actually stay up to watch their brattiness.

i await the resurrection of good tv.

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