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Saturday, May 07, 2005 

Fashion Sense

Just read my friend Jieyong's blog and in his recent post, he commented about guys and fashion sense. Which really took me back because usually the only 3 touches on are : Soccer. Camp. And Jasmine ( of course, if not she'll kill him . haha.) Anyway he made certain interesting observations which I agree in parts to, but I also have differring opinions regarding certain statements he made.

'They are afriad to try new things. I remembered few years ago, if a guy would to wear pink, people will laugh at him but now it's so common. I feel, guys will only do try out new things when they see many other guys doing so and people keep commenting it's nice n fashionable n so on. Which means, if a girl want his bf to try something new or something she would like to see on him, she must gang up with her girlfriends to tell him how nice it will suit him. Ok, this is the problem with guys including myself, a typical answer will be, " eee..... no way i m gonna wear that. i wont look gd n i think it's weird." but trust me if u can manage to get him try it on then you or together with your friends mega and mega say very very nice in a very excited tone hahaha you will see him buying it hahaha...however, there still this group of guys that is very old fashion and must really try very very hard to convince.'

Agreed. Spot on observation. But the group of girls must be a VERY, VERY big group of girls, because only then will I know many people think that same way. Girls have such different, eccentric tastes that it is really difficult to gauge the accuracy of a single girl's opinion. I know of this female teacher who thinks guys with ear rings are cool, which I used to think too, ( hence explaining my previous infatuation with tattoos and piercings... not that I have pierced any part of my body before), but I too have this other female friend who can't stand guys with ear rings. Thus, it is really really difficult to trust the opinions to just a small select group of friends. Unless, of course, you really look THAT good, but if that's the case, usually you already know you look good and needn't ask for opinions. Which is quite my case, actually.

Square minded. This i have to say sometimes i do have such problems too. Many of us guys dont really know how to match clothes...especially colours. Some guys can wear head to toe same colour and it's always BLUE! o my gosh..hahaha

Ok that is really true. Some guys are so afraid to just take that baby step out of their comfort zone and try something a little more.... dangerous, edgy, and bold sometimes. But I guess sometimes we know our limits. I remember when I was around 13-16 years old, in secondary school, I would cringe whenever we were voting for the colour of our class T-shirt and some girl mentions RED. The guys would be like, EEEE and vehemently voice out our protest, or rather desperate attempts to dignify our manhood among the overwhelming numbers of females in my class. Then, out of the blue, I decided to try to be a little riskier in dressing up when I was in college, and for the first time in my life, wore a RED shirt. Back then i remember the first time I wore a red t-shirt, I thought to myself " Damn, I look good!" ( ok no shameless self praising here.)

Anyway there were a couple of reasons why I first put on that red t-shirt. Firstly, I saw many other guys in church doing that, wearing Red shirts or t-shirts, and I thought most of them look fine. That's the great thing about church, everyone looks amazingly sharp and good! Anyway secondly, when I was in college, I thought since I had such a deprived teenage-hood in my secondary school years being all caged up with this nerdy mentality thing, that it was time for me to REBEL! And hence I thought wearing red was the first step to rebelling, because it was bold and different and shows that you are confident. Many of you must be thinking I am exaggerating, but back then I really did think that way. OF course, now wearing red to me is second nature, I love wearing red shirts and stuff and able to walk about confidently without fearing that people will think you are gay or something.

The lack of knowledge and cant be bothered attitude. Guys are not like girls who will read up Her world and other mags that teaches on how to doll up yourself as in dressing and stuff. Mainly guys would rather focus on comics or FHM and MAXIM girls.....pls dun ask me why =P well i guess this is what normal average guys will do.

Haha. That is rather true to a certain extent. But I realize the weird thing for me is, I love seeing nice clothes and I also do read some magazines that teaches guys how to dress up. But the ironic thing is, I can't be bothered to dress up! I mean I know so many people do have certain stereotypes of people who can't be bothered to dress up, and i think many people stigmatise this group of people, believing to be un-happening and nerdy, but seriously, I think otherwise. I mean, if you see a shabbily dressed guy with unkempt hair, the natural reaction you'd have would be to 'siam' him, and in your mind you must be going 'yucks!'. I feel that looking pleasant is important, so no shabby clothes please, but sometimes a 'devil-may-care' look is rather cool too. Seriously, you see some people that don't bother dressing up that much, hair un-combed, look a little dazzled, but I think these people are really cool in their own way. Yes, they don't really care what people think about them, and they don't really bother to conform to society's expectations of them, that's why they're cool in their own way, in that they have individualism. Sometimes we're so focused on dressing well we lose our own sense of individualism.

I guess labelling myself is really needless. No point labelling myself a metrosexual or whatever because I really don't know where I fall. Sure enough, I do care about how I look and I like to buy new clothes that are nice, but on some days I just really can't give 2 hoots to how I look like. Some days I'm dressed in my nicest, hippest clothes, hair all sleekly done, on others I walk out of the house like I've just woke up and I don't care. That, to me, is my individualism.

Having said that, I wonder how some guys like Jieyong can pull of pink t-shirts!!!! I mean, I've thought of trying one a million and one times, but I know for sure, I'll just look like a drag queen in goth. I'm envious man!

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