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Tuesday, May 03, 2005 

Of cool names and titles

This is going to be a rather incoherent, frivolous post. For all the uber intellectual ( albeit oft pretentious) bloggers who can't stand the sight of something a little less serious, read on at your own risk.

Sitting at a sofa on a cafe, sipping on a cup of Caramel Macchiato and reading a book simply perks me up. Yet, it is a highly underrated activity just because most people wouldn't bother going to cafes by themselves, much less read a book there. Still, a little respite from the stress and hustle and bustle of society does wonders to your emotional and psychological wellbeing. Saves on those precious bucks that flies to the doctor.

Not bringing any form of music to a cafe, if you're going by yourself, is an absolute insanity. You HAVE to play good music once you're at a cafe, though I do like the songs Starbucks play too. All the sappy oldies, and some contemporary singers, the musical notes are to the ears much like the sweet smelling aroma of fresh coffee to the nose.

Which leads me on. IPOD Mini ads feature FANTASTIC music. First the IPOD ad featured old school rock at its most raw, unpretentious best in Jet's 'Do you wanna be my girl'. That song really kicked up a storm. Now, the Ipod Mini ads are using Caesar's 'Jerk it out', a really cool song full of nu-electro influences. Absolute rapture.

Of late, I have not really been watching as many movies as I want to. Not because of the lack of time, but rather the lack of people to watch with. Most of my friends are rather busy at this moment in time, slugging it off for their examinations. I was fortunate to be able to catch 'The Interpreter' last week with my cell group members, because it was one darn good show.

And even if it wasn't, Nicole Kidman is reason enough to watch it.

Her enchanting elegance, unrivalled grace, and unconcealed, natural beauty in the show comes off very very strongly. Her performance so emotionally raw that it just grabs your breath from the very start. Acted out with panache and class, she is an actress in a totally different league all together. Move away Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman is now the QUEEN of Hollywood. Or so I declare.

Oh, and she looks stunning in spectacles. Gives the nerdy guys like me ( or so I used to be, as a JC student) something to hope for. Heh.

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