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Saturday, April 16, 2005 

All Play And No Work Makes One a Happy Man

Recently I've kinda stumbled upon a couple of blogs that contained a couple of posts on their jobs. Fro, Kerio, Ms Beautifuk, Bubblemunche, etc.

I've just read Beautifuk's latest post on how she couldn't fathom the nature of the job such of one selling poultry at the market, or of some selling roasted pork meat at Mei Zhen Xiang. Somehow or rather, as much as I hate exposing myself to the risk of being labelled a spoilt brat, I too must agree the appeal of such a job eludes me.

Perhaps, you say, they get free food? Or perhaps they get paid better than when working at places such as McDonald's, where the nature of the job is pretty much similar, but yet, you get paid peanuts. They can justify themselves with a million reasons, so the list goes on.

But to me, I would never be able to get into such a torrid environment. I'll never subject myself to the absolute torture of getting such a job. Selling poultry! selling processed meat over the counter! Compared to these 2 jobs, I think working at McDonalds seems like working as the President's PA or something.

Ms Beautifuk's main gripe with those jobs are the exposure to dead meat. Lots and lots of it. She's a vegan after all. But for me, my gripe with those jobs is that it's simply the lowest-class job ever. You get stuck in this dead-end job without any prospects, you grow jaded after a period of working in the job, but still you just grow too lazy or disillusioned to even lift a finger about it. Happens all the time huh?

I mean, tons of people grow disillusioned or jaded while at their jobs. But the thing is, if you are to be so, then at least get stuck in a job with a good environement! Air conditioned buildings, proper hygienic toilets, the absence of people reeking of sweat and body odour, and more leeway to just slack. Of course, working in the office fits the bill. But working in an office produces its own number of disincentives too.

Like the paucity of competent people. Lack of people with the patience to teach. Irritants who try pushing work to you to do. Being inundated with a thousand requests to carry out some inane errands. The politics. Bosses from hell. Irritants, irritants, and more irritants.

All that adds up to one simple conclusion: I don't think I'll ever get into an office job. Even if I do, it would never be longer than a year. I've already set my sights on some lofty goals, like being a TV writer, or maybe some film director one day. An impossibility in Singapore, some might say. But I would rather live with those ideals and work towards them than get stuck in some pathetic, dead-end job where I know I'm just wasting my precious life away.


Compared to my vocation in my previous camp, which was an autotech specialist ( or rather, vehicle mechanic), I think going on to a Signal camp is so much better. No more grease, no more oil, no more dirt, no more dealing with idiots. No more downright irritating bosses. Now, I'm dealing with communications and stuff. And it sounds so much cooler too. Indeed, I would say I'm blessed in many ways to be where I am now.

Anyway, back to the point, in Singapore, where it is such a desert of dreams, where pragmatism reigns, I just wish people can be a little more idealistic than be contented with a silly little job that guarantees that not-bad pay. Who wants to remain a poultry-seller or taxi driver forever?

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