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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

Funny Conversations I hear on the Bus

Of late, I've been pretty convinced that experiences on public buses or trains make for great stories. In my daily commutes between home and other places, I utilise both the bus and the MRT, and while it can be troublesome and tiring travelling for more than an hour every single time, weird experiences often keep things fresh for me, and make travelling via public transport less mundane. Besides, taking one many taxis has really been hurting my pocket.

A few days ago, I just encountered 2 students from a girl's school, most likely some Catholic school, making a rather unusual conversation. These days I see some of these girls on the same bus all the time, and they'd usually be bitching about this girl being immature, that girl being rather selfish, their certain Friend A being close to them but thow they prefer that certain friend they're having the conversation with on the bus. Basically, all the secondary/college school girl crap you have probably heard of a million and one times. I've really gotten so sick of hearing them I just zone out every time I happen to overhear such conversations.

These 2 girls I was on the bus with the other day were first chatting about frivolous, trivial schoolgirl matters, when the conversation quickly developed into how they are so pretty. Erm, yeah, you heard it right. These girls were all wonky all of a sudden, and quickly shifted the conversation to how they are pretty, and their families saying they're pretty, and how they used to be even more pretty in primary school. This of course, elicited every iota of my attention because hey, 2 girls on the bus squealing out loud how they are pretty in front of everyone else? That certainly isn't a scene u see every day.

The girls were like, 'oh you know I was prettier last time' and 'my aunt say I'm quite pretty' and 'oh ya, actually you're really quite pretty!'.

One of the girls soon spoke a line that would forever be etched in my brain as the most shameless/bhb statement in the entire universe (besides all Donald Trump's incessant self ego-stroking)

Girl:I am so pretty that my aunt even used to call my cousin Ugly Duckling last time.

Me: ?!?!?!?!!!!

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