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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 

Please allow me to be a wonky juvenile for 1 day.

I'm freaking over the top today. Why? I'm on a half day leave tomorrow.

And I desperately need to take tomorrow afternoon off because I need to catch a breather and seek some respite from all the crazy stuff happening over at where I'm stationed at and get away from all that hustle and bustle. Self-preservation, in other words.

Actually, the main reason I took the afternoon off tomorrow was because I had won a 100 dollar James Blunt CD Hamper from Perfect 10. I was listening to the lunchtime show with Jamie Yeo during my lunchbreak last monday, and she asked us to guess a song by giving us 2 lines of sample lyrics. She said some lyrics out and I immediately recalled the song to be "Beautiful Day" by U2. Immediately. I feel so darn proud of myself. And Jamie Yeo even said that day's song was hard to guess because of the lyrics she gave. But because I was such a HUGE U2 nut, I actually kinda memorised the lyrics of that song a long time ago. So, no problem at all. In the end, i was the first to reply her with the song title and ended up with a 100 dollar James Blunt CD Hamper.

Coolness eh? I'm not very sure whether he's the kind of singer I'd listen to. Personally I like old school rock (not too heavy) like... Jet, as well as artistes like John Mayer and Jason Mraz. Hope I'll like James Blunt's CD. Hopefully it's not commercialized pop. Hopefully it'll be one swell album.

Heck, why do I even care? It costs me just 1 dollar for the sms-es anyway. Any CD (hamper) this cheap is definitely good.

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