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Thursday, September 23, 2004 


Ok guys i'm sorry for the long period of absence. See, I was updating my blog on tuesday when i fell asleep and then after i got up after 1 hour, i tried to post it and they said the page had expired. When i went back to the composing post page, all the words i typed were gone. Too tired to continue, I switched off my com and went to sleep.

Ok i will briefly run through what happened in the last four days.

Monday: Practically dragging my feet to work, I was really counting on God to rid me off my Monday blues. I was really really trying to face my work with a good attitude and try not to go through the motions, but that was easier said than done. The drudgery of my work keeps weighing me down when I'm in camp. Sian. But no... I'll count on God to help make things in camp better. On Monday, I was still kinda alone and not really mixing that much with people yet... coz among the new guys there I'm the one who doesn't speak hokkien... but started to talk more to one of my sergeants... so things are a little better. Got picked by my Staff Sergeant, who's my direct superior, to be in the stupid COC parade, and that was pretty dumb considering I was the only new guy picked to go in the parade. The rest had some sort of medical problems and I was the only guy fit enough to go. Although seriously i was quite happy in my heart coz that means I get to waste time at parade rehearsals and stay away from the workshop!whaha

Tuesday: My hopes were high coz many of the sergeants said that those taking part in the parade rehearsal would get to go home early. I wasn't expecting a half day off, I was n't that greedy... but then... I was still hoping for an early book out. Yet, my staff sergeant just squashed off all my hopes. Sigh. Wasted la. Spent all the stupid time doing the stupid marching sweating in the stupid hot sun for nothing. ARgh. But thank God, through the parade, I made friends with some of the drivers in my unit... considering that i was a VM and didn't get too much time to mix with them... and I felt kinda good coz it was easy to speak to the drivers... there wasn't any kind of communication barrier... I felt really good abt it... After the parade, the whole afternoon was doing the usual stuff... but I think I'm getting more used to my kind of life so it was n't that torturous anymore... though of course I'm still always looking forward to book out time everyday.

Wednesday: Whole day doing vehicles... rather uneventful. Still boring, but the thing is that I'm trying so hard to volunteer to do stuff so I learn as much as possible, because i think among the new guys I know the least. But still I am one of those that do the most work... haha... coz i keep volunteering myself to do stuff? Guess I'm just trying to do a good work... help others and also help the sergeants... try to be a good testimony in my camp? Anyway though this job sucks, I'm learning a lot from it everyday. Just that my camp lots of camp politics, and a lot of gossipping and alot of "don't like this guy don't like that guy" kinda crap. I'm sure at some points of time people have talked about me but luckily I get along well with 2 of my sergeants... and I'm super helpful in camp (hehe... not bhb but it's true!) and very nice too, so I think I'm pretty ok with majority of the people. I think it'll take time for me to forge closer friendships with people... anyway the next time my sergeants play badminton, I'm definitely going along! It's been a long time since i touched a badminton racquet. haha.

Thursday (today): Ok.... today was good. Though I entered into this day a little unprepared and unsure and insecure and all, coz yesterday night I didn't really pray and do my quiet time and thus I feel a bit thrown off when i just got up today ( I fell asleep yesterday unintentionally). But today praise the Lord! He really blessed me today. Today I really started to make friends with 2 of the sergeants... and I think I can get a long with people better. Yeah God is paying off my efforts... thanks for His blessing. Oops sorry for my rambling... I'm really grateful... but I realized not all my readers are Christian... whaha! Oh no. Anyway this morning early on was quite slack... just doing some basic stuff, and in the afternoon was a massive spring cleaning of the workshop coz there's a safety audit tomorrow. Anyway tomorrow there's a parade rehearsal! I'm both looking forward to it but also v afraid.... it can be really stressful sometimes. With all the warrant officers looking at you... and somemore the marching contingent so small. But oh well, I'll make full use of the chance tomorrow to get to know the driver friends I made better... Anyway I love thursdays because of Singapore Idol! I'm going to post a separate post just on Singapore Idol tomrrow! About the super funny contestants like Careless Whisper Guy and Pink Lady! Whaha.... Today also bought the Machi cd.. THE MACHI CD ROXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although many songs on the cd were in Hokkien, it was still great... the tracks are damn funky! Go get it!

Anyway, Lynnie, here's just to contratulate you on the end of your Prelims! Remember, this period is crucial so make full use of it! And while you're still in school, treasure the remainder of your jc days! The best time of my life in Jc was the study break after my Prelims. Make full use of it and enjoy it to the max also!

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