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Friday, January 07, 2005 

charity, anyone? part II

our society has become increasingly materialistic and selfish. we do not do charity unless it has some benefit to our own selves.

students do charity work because it was stipulated that we have to complete an allocated amount of hours dedicated to community service. singaporeans donate generously to glam fundraising shows such as renci and nkf because of the glitzy advertisements hinting at a chance of winning a luxury car or condominium. when it comes to taking that extra mile by helping that disabled man across the street, we all recoil in horror.

have you ever wondered why those "volunteers" holding those $5 coupons were so persistent? especially those who try to tempt you into buying them with the attachment of a discount coupon of some unpopular brands, and verbally abuse you when you are deemed as "uncharitible". how they worry about their commissions if you do not buy those coupons.

commission, you ask?

that's right. the head honcho gets big bucks by selling those coupons and his lackeys get a fair share of the profits that roll in from the wallets of charitible singaporeans. nothing goes to the "poor starving children" or the "helpless disabled elderly". it is so disgusting, i want to demand a refund.

i shall not go on about how nkf and goodness knows how many organisations that diverts a portion of the profits from those charity fundraising shows to pay the "volunteers" involved.

one of my gp questions is as follows: "there's no such thing as altruism"

just take a look at the number of scams and demands for money (instead of contributions in kind) for the recent tsunami incident. can anyone blame the girl for being so jaded?

to those who want to sell me those coupons, read my lips: buzz. off.

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