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Wednesday, December 29, 2004 

basic rule of thumb in dealing with marilyn

*** note: this post will be kinda centered upon my anger and annoyance at shitheads i met while playing in maplestory. i'm sorry if it feels like it's ego-centric or something. just needed to vent.

if there's something i would like to tell the entire world about me, i'll tell them this:

do not judge me by my looks. i'm by nature a quiet and passive person. i do not really adore conflict and take no pleasure in initiating quarrels. as a matter of fact, i prefer the peaceful way out. just do not mess with me and i'll leave you alone. easy enough?

unfortunately not everyone realises this and thinks i'm some kind of a pushover. they piss me off, sparking off a nice cycle of mutual annoyances. i do not appreciate assholes trying to push me around just because i am perceived as an introvert. as a matter of fact, these assholes might just unleash the mounting anger inside me and cause me to lash out. step on my tail long enough and you'll be dealing with a super pissed off marilyn. beware, i bite. hard.

when i rant against someone or something, it's usually with reason. when these assholes do funny things to provoke me without good reason, it counts as a reason for me to be angry. why? i was just minding my own business when they went to start a fight, and it's my fault now? what logic is there?

i am tempted to type out the idiot's username on maplestory here. should i forgive him because he does not have any brains? hmm...

*sigh* it's so hard to be a forgiving person when the world out there is just full of assholes and shitheads. =(

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