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Monday, January 03, 2005 

Expenditure > income

Oh man. I'm going broke! My insatiable appetite for good food as well as chilling out at wonderful cafes have left a hole in my pocket.

I managed to round up the main predators of my money and I have made plans to keep those predators in check.

1) Taxi fares. ( as my mom said, money spent on taxis are the most wasted. It's totally redundant and can be avoided if you make an effort to leave house early. Taxi fares are only for lazy bums like me who keeps procrastinating or always oversleep and thus end up being late for functions all the time.)
I estimate that in the last 2 years, I've spent close to $800 on cab fare. That's hell of a lot of money.

2) Gelare Thick Shakes
Milk Shake but with a stronger concentration of ice cream over milk. It's pure bliss. I've spent waaaaay too much money indulging in this sinful pleasure. Temptation always lingers whenever I pass by the shop... I need to curb my craving for the thick shake! I need to save some money!

3) Drinks at cafe
I chill out at cafes ALOT. ( chilling out at cafes is just the best leisurely activity in the world. whether it's with many friends, or it's just your close knit group of friends, or maybe with just another person, even maybe just yourself reading a book or a newspaper, chilling at cafes is just totally wonderful. Pure splendour and pure bliss.) I eat/drink stuff at Starbucks, Gelare, Coffee Bean, Cafe Cartel alot alot alot. Who needs lousy drugs when you've amazing coffee?

4) Hair Cuts
I must stop cutting hair at REDS. Been cutting there for the past few months. It's burning a whole in my pocket.

There you go. I'm going to do my best to save some money. It's my new year's resolution to manage my finances better. I want to be a good steward of the money God gave me! No more hedonistic lifestyles of blind chasing for material objects! And no indulging in stuff that can only offer temporary gratification! (eg good food)

Love you guys out there. This is cliched, but.....

Happy New Year to all you guys!!! May this be your best year yet!!!

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