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Monday, December 27, 2004 

all i want for christmas is... sylvester sim?

i have a guilty secret: i am a closet fan of singers such as michelle branch and alicia keys. i would dearly love to meet the cast of charmed, run into sarah michelle gellar, nicole kidman and julian mcmahon on the streets. in fact, i'll probably act like some brainless airhead when i see them, faint on the spot and make a total ass of myself.

but unfortunately, my fandom pales in comparison to some other singaporeans who think nothing of spending a month's allowance on their fandom and star chasing. oh the shame!

lately i've been amused by a two page spread on the fans of sylvester sim in 8 days. (ahhh it's nice to know that singaporeans do go ga-ga over our fellow countryman even after the singapore idol hype died down) i read how these fangirls whine about their darling sly not winning the idol competition, jump in jubilation at sly nabbing that toothpaste advertisement (how apt!) and that recording contract. now they're even showing off their support with $5000 phone bills.

such extremism makes my fandom pathetic. the only signs of my fandom is limited to a fansite and blogposts (crazy schoolgirl crush mode) exhalting my idol. oh i'm so cheapskate to the extent that i get people to host me instead of buying my own domain (actually, part of the reason is because i do not have a credit card but that's besides the point). the world keeps spinning nevertheless.

that aside, they provide much needed entertainment on that particular bus ride. i do not see the reason for such extreme reactions from fangirls. so what if sly lost the idol? so what if f4 and 5566 were in town? fangirls, please read: life goes on. nobody cares if you sold everything you have for your idol. all i did was to laugh at you for being such an asshole because sly is probably not going to marry you despite your massive phone bill. i also laugh at the way your life revolves around your idol. "sly lost the singapore idol! my life is over! *boohoo*" or, to be more up to date, "sly is going to be on some charity show! yay!"

it's unfortunate i tell you. i'm sure sylvester sim is a nice guy. too bad his followers are whiny/brainless. sad was the day when all 8 days could feature is their stupidity.

to the upper level fan girls: get a life. if you do not have one, find one.


rant's over.
i hope that christmas has been good for you!

raymond: i'm fine with a third blogger. sorry i've not been posting as regularly as i should. was hooked on maplestory (taking a break now. i am being plagued by bouncing orange mushrooms even when i'm not on the game.) and inspiration for blogging went on a nadir.. bah...

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