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Sunday, January 02, 2005 

New Year's Resolutions are a must.

Just a quick update on how I spent my new year's eve, and new year as well.
New year's eve: Got up in the morning, made my way down to Yishun MRT where my unit is organizing some crappy function at SAFRA Yishun. Yeah, all their events are dumb all right, but anything beats going back to the hellhole to face the wrath of the BFHs(Boss from hell). I was supposed to take part in some air rifle event, but when my friend and I made our way down to the air rifle range, apparently our names weren't included in the list, but we were just too happy to be able to "siam" the air rifle thing. We made our way down to Northpoint, sharing a cab with some other guy who ended treating us to the ride, and about half the unit would be there to watch Meet the Fockers at Golden Village. My friend and I were lucky to get tickets. So I took breakfast at Long John Silver, and their french toast sucks totally. I'll never ever take my breakfast there anymore. The movie itself is really funny, though totally crude humour and really slapstick. I thought it was a really cheap movie, resorting to the most cliched techniques to tickle our laughing buds. Anyway, I still enjoyed the movie, being the easily-amused guy that I am, laughing my hearts out throughout the movie. What's more, the movie is free! It's all paid by my unit, so what more can I complain about?

Sean ( my best friend in camp) and I evaded the whole unit lunch event. The food there would undoubtedly be good, but usually the lunch/ dinner events are filled with crappy, screwed up events to just suck you of your precious time. Sean and I decided we have more important stuff to do than sitting there like dummies watching all the proceedings of the lunch event, so we shook of our friends and headed for the MRT. In retrospect, Sean left because of his swollen eye. I'm the one who left because I didn't want to waste my time going to that absolute bore-fest.

I made my way to Singapore Post, and it was pouring SO badly, i decided to seek some respite in one of the cafes first till the rain abates. I settled down at Delifrance, by myself, and ordered heavenly Tahiti Baguette Pizza and Mixed Fruit Tart (my all time favourite). I picked up my book and got through a few pages before I slept in the cafe for a while, only to be wook up by Jingfa ( my cell group member), who reminded me that my plan of meeting at Fisherman's Village to celebrate our friend's birthday ( on 1st Jan, he's a new year baby) wasn't feasible because it's gonna be really wet there. So being the lazy guy that I am, I took a cab home, and logged onto MSN to do some major planning. I decided on Fish and Co at PS followed by a movie at Cineleisure, and booked 8 tickets to the 9.35 show of Nobody Knows.

Plan backfired. Turns out the birthday boy Dale ( we shall refer to him as QT Bao, an affectionate term given to him by me) didn't eat fish. I was most surprised by it. How could he not eat fish? I love fish to the core. All sorts of fish. I probed him about this and he just told me it's because he feels nausea after eating fish...a nd he got that feeling since young. It's weird how little events in our childhood can have such a profound imprint on our lives huh? Anyway like QT Bao, I also have this lingering distaste towards mayonnaise since I was young. I just hate mayonnaise. Anyone who hates me out there, just remember to get me some food filled with mayonnaise. You'll get me gagging. Back to the topic: my friends decided they didn't want to watch Nobody Knows, at the same time jesting a little that indeed, Nobody Knows about that show. I didn't too, till I saw it in the papers... it seemed really good... guess I'll just have to watch that by myself or with some other friends some other time.

In the end, we settled at Cafe Cartel, after an arduous wait of more than an hour. The queue was crawling at snail's pace. But the wait was worth it, because the Grilled Dory Fish i ordered was darn good. the Peach Foley drink I ordered was also heavenly. But the stuff there was just so expensive! I would have spent less at Swensens or even at Fish and CO.

AFter the meal, we walked around aimlessly quite a bit, finally deciding to go to GV Plaza to check out the movie timings. We couldn't come to a general consensus to what movie to watch, and the movie timings were not being kind to us too. So we decided to head to another cafe to just chill out there. I totally love chilling at cafes, it's the best luxury ever! I love chilling at HMV by myself, with no one to hurry me, just listening to good music non stop all day, feeling the blues, or grooving to the beat, depending on what kind of music I'm listening too. Likewise I also love chilling at cafes, though I prefer it when it's with a smaller crowd, say 4 or 5 people. Anyway, we had a mini countdown there, though all our timings weren't synchronised. Haha. We sang a birthday song for Dale, and our cake we got for him from Mrs Fields tasted great. We tricked him with a fake present ( disposable paper underwear) and I just loved the facial expression he had! Haha... that was a darn cool trick to pull. We then presented him with the real presents, an addidas jersey, and a bag ( which he really needed coz he was always either carrying his sisters' bag or his army bag). He then gave a really funny/lame comment on how he would've preferred leopard silk boxers to disposable paper underwear. It's darn hilarious! I keep giving him stick for becoming very metrosexual these days... when I'm one myself! Haha

After the whole countdown/birthday celebration affair, we bidded goodbye to each other, as well as to 2004, and I took a cab home, catching some precious shut eye on the cab. I was just too tired to think about the new year, though there's an inexplicable expectancy to the new year in me. All in all, I'm really glad Dale was quite happy about the whole celebration. We did try to make it as best as we could for him. Sadly, he'll be spending his sunday in camp doing duty. Argh, NS Blues.

Spent the whole day staring at my com, blog-surfing and watching animes. Also slept like a pig in the afternoon... a whooping 4 and a half hours! Beat that! Gosh I feel like I wasted my entire day.


On a different note, I'm astounded by the amount of people who dont' give a damn about new year's resolutions and just pass it off by saying that you don't need to make resolutions at the start of the year, you can make resolutions anytime you want. They also claim there's no point making any resolutions because they never keep them. The former is true, we can all make resolutions anytime we want, but when better than the new year? As for the latter, it's just an inane excuse for a blatant lack of vision and drive. For me, it's true many of us never fulfill the resolutions we make, but that's another story all together. The most important thing about resolutions is that they give us something to work on, improve on, and they give us vision. A goal. In our screwed up society nowadays, everyone is becoming so hedonistic, just living for themselves, living for the day, wanting to be happy, wasting their lives away. I totally disagree with Fro's recent post on his blog about metaphysical musings ( what an inappropriate term to describe our pursuit for meaning and purpose in life), esp the part when he said we should live for the day and be happy. That is true, to an extent, but isn't working towards our goals and visions in life the best way to "live for the day"? That way, we wouldn't be wasting our lives away like some wasted, wash-upped druggie and engaging in full self-destructive mode. At the end of the day, if we do get swept away by a Tsunami, you know that you lived your life to the maximum, and you can now depart from the world with no regrets.

Sorry for all the rambling... It's 2.30am and I can't think properly. I'll give a better post tomorrow.

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