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Sunday, December 26, 2004 

Anyone wants to be a 3rd contributor on this blog? Guest blogger?

Anyone wants to be a 3rd contributor on this blog? Guest blogger? Lyn u think it's a good idea? Coz suddenly I realized sometimes I need to read the posts put up by you guys before I have the inspiration to post up something worthy to be read. I'm sufferring from the most acute case or writer's block, the most deadly pestilence to hit natural writers like me. I've said a million times that writing isn't a forced effort or contrived activity for me, but writing is really a visceral need of mine to let loose my feelings. But I hate typing to the screen, I'm really a purist at heart... I love to stick to pen and paper. but then again, I'm too lazy to write on paper sometimes! So Lyn if you're reading, post something~!! Give me something interesting to ponder about! Anyway, tomorrow morning I'll update you guys on how I spent Christmas!!

Lots of love and God bless you guys,
Raymond -- peace out.

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