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Wednesday, January 12, 2005 

of death and blogicides

disclaimer: the term "blogicide" was ripped off calm one who recently commited one of his own. i take no credit.

i'm greatly saddened by the news these few days:

tsuanmi killed thousands/millions/zillions.
brad pitt and jennifer anniston split up.
life at ngee ann committed blogicide.
munday blues is the latest to join the list of dead blogs. (do drop by to read at least the archives.)

and raymond was telling me that this guy, azrul, also decided to close down his blog. it was apparently a good read. (i can't judge. i didn't follow his blog.)

let us take a minute to silently reflect on how the world seriously is going down to the dogs. why life is so unfair. why natural disasters happen to kill people by thousands, why hollywood's golden couple had to go splitsville, why the good blogs are dying...

i mimick lydia sum (bad example with a good line): "why, why, tell me why?!?!"

please excuse me while i go mourn our losses.

as they say, "you grieve, and then you move on."

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