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Wednesday, January 12, 2005 

Please excuse me as...

Please excuse me as I'm about to make a lengthy defence for my Christian brethren. As any reader of my blog would know, I am a Christian. I'm proud of it. I even declare it in my profile and i celebrate Christianity openly in my blog. I'm sure the more intellectual bloggers who read my blog ( eg those linked... Fro, Ms Beautifuk, etc...) would naturally have a rather stereotypical image of who I am. Ok, let's see, everytime someone with a really traditional, "swaku" mindset hears of the word Christian, what does he really picture? The immediate image that comes to mind is that of a "square", nerdy, guitar-carrying guy with a rather pathetic social circle, or a really demure, tame, passive girl who looks like she will never in a million years have the chance of losing her chastity. ( which is actually bad if u do lose it outside the bond of a marriage). Anyway, my point is, in the blogosphere, mention the existence of a blogger who's a Christian and the numerous stereotypes whizzes past your head. In short, you think this guy typing away right now on this very blog is one helluva dumb idiot.

I don't blame any of you for that. I'm sure that in the league of non-crappy blogs, I portraying my Christian persona with utter sincerity and celebrating my faith without hesitance would definitely earn me my share of deriders and detractors. Most of you would think Christians can't blog intellectually for nuts. ( Marilyn, thank God you're not one of those goons who think that way!) Thus, my blog would definitely be an anomaly in the "League of non-crappy blogs"(as i like to call it). You can tell my blog is linked to the blogs of other far more able and talented bloggers than me, who writes intelligently and coherently, their content being provoking and cogent. I know I can go on really redundant and inane ranting sprees occasionally a little too much, and half the time I'm too lazy to wrack my brain to come up with something intelligent and worth reading. My mind is in a perpetual state of inertia after I've entered the army ( 2 and a half years of utter brain-rot).

Sorry for digressing, but I'm coming to the main point now. As I've highlighted above, I know that the term "Christian" raises many stereotypes (most of the time unfair ones) to the minds of most secular people. Even in the blogosphere, I'm sure this is no different. My blog, to me still in the stages of infancy, would probably be treated like an abomination to some. ( Argh I'm digressing again!!) Anyway the main purpose of this post is to address some of those totally unfair stereotypes.

I've read Xiaxue's latest post on religion, (I understand the magnetism of her blog, but to me her posts are absolutely abysmal. And I'm not being biased.) and well as Daniel's (which is linked on my blog) and both touched on the topic of religion. A couple of weak's ago, Fro also came out with a post on religion. And while blog surfing, I've encountered more who recently posted about the topic as well (their interest in the topic was probably sparked off my Xiaxue's absolutely unintelligent post). All of them viewed Christianity ( and also other religions) with enmity, or in milder cases, had some distaste towards Christianity. And many of them, being the "objective" people, always qualify their statements with something like "I don't have anything against Christianity", but of course, they go on to rant non stop about their hate-hate affair with the religion.

I'm of course saddened by all the animosity these people have towards Christianity and Christians. Most think that Christians are weak people. I totally disagree. Maybe adopting a secular mindset, I can understand the opinions of others, why they view Christians ( or believers of any other religion for that matter, although the brunt of their angst is always directed towards Christians) as weak people. Many people think that most Christians only become Christians in periods of tragedy in their life, in periods of transition. That couldn't be more false. There are many people, in times of tragedy, turn to God to help them, to comfort them, and that is great. But many others don't share such reasons. Many who choose to believe in God are truly touched by God, by His love, and it is something that is impossible to fathom with our human mind. It is ethereal, and has to be felt. And contrary to popular opinion, it is not totally elusive. You just have to seek it. Go by a good church one of these days, and you'll know what I mean. Humans live for love. And there is no greater love than the love of God. Also, many people become Christians when they are finally sick and tired of materialistic and superificial pursuits. These people want to just want to live life for something more lasting, for something more eternal. And God is the only source to a life with true purpose and destiny. I could go on, but I'll save all that elaboration for another day. In Abraham MAslow's 'Scale of Human Needs', Self-Actualization needs are at the top of the scale. Which means that once people have their physical needs met, followed by basic emotional needs like acceptance, and then followed by a sense of belonging, these people will go on to ponder on the purpose of their life. I don't care what you call it, metaphysical musings or what not. It is a core part of human existence. It is inextricably bound to the very fabric of our creation.

Christians have finally found their purpose in life. I know my purpose in life. And I don't care whether you're sniggering now, because at least I have something to live for, and you're still wasting your life away doing crap. If what you're living for isn't worth dying for, then it's not worth living for in the first place, right? I'm sure it's pretty obvious that there must be more to life than getting a good job, earning lots of money, and even getting married and having a family right? Many 'militant Atheists' believe that in life we should just live for the moment. That's half true to me. We should live for the moment, but not in the sense that we just waste it away by seeking fleeting forms of gratification. I mean living for the day by making full use of the day. Carpe Diem. Cliched but oh, how resonant that phrase still is to society!

I've decided I have to continue this post some other time because I have far too much to say, but I'll just comment on one thing before I end this post. What's the bull about Xiaxue's whole "blind faith" statement? Let me tell you guys something. True faith is blind. Not in the sense that you have faith in all sorts of shit that you've never witnessed b4. True faith in God means you believe even though you've not seen before because you know that you know that you know you are right. Because you've felt it. Because you know it. You should have faith, because God has sent this really annoying guy to write a post about Him, and that you, out of the billions of people out there, have been send on a divine appointment to read this post about Him.

On a final note, i have to apologise again for any incoherence in my post today. I'm blogging from my camp computer, and yes, I'm staying in again today, doing my duty, and so the floods of inspiration haven't exactly came yet. I promise I'll follow up on this post soon. I've so so so much to say. Anyway to all my readers, please tag and tell me about this post! I'm sure this post will piss the hell outta some of my readers, if so, just vent it out on my tagboard!

Love you guys. It's such a stressful day but I'm so glad I'm able to blog to just release some pent up pressure. And it's even greater when I know someone out there is reading my blog and connecting. It's just wonderful. Peace Out. You guys Rock!!!

Lions beat the Indonesians 3-1 a couple of days ago! I'm still over the moon man, haha. Cant wait for the match this sunday!

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