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Thursday, April 14, 2005 

Ca-SIN-No Controversy

This is my sophomore post. For those of you who can't tell I'm a new guest blogger here, either
1) you're blind
2) you're new here

Anyway in the recent weeks I've been busy hopping around different blogs, some of which Marilyn and Raymond have linked on this blog. Fro's blog is a must read and a favourite of mine. His cynicism is rather infectious, and his posts all rather satirical in nature. Ms.Beautifuk's blog is also another favourite online haunt of mine. Sharp on wit and full of spot-on observations of people in general, hers is a blog full of subtle humour. Cheeky's blog is DA BOMB man.

Now entering into the pertinent part of my post. All right, every thought whirling around my mind regarding the whole casino crap can be summarised in one short sentence. WHY IN HEAVEN'S SAKE DOES EVERYONE PONDER SO MUCH ABOUT IT? I mean, the gahmen probably has made up the decision long ago. Those poor sods debating incessantly on forums on the pros and cons of having a casino. Ok, so most of these people are either self-righteous moralistic dummies or short sighted, bigoted, religious zealots. Those that are for the casino can't really be bothered to actually give any feedback on it because either way they will still go on with their normal gambling routines. Bookies will be around, Singapore Pools will be around, Soccer matches will still be around, everything will still work out as per usual.

As such, we can see with incandescent clarity the blatant nonchalance most gamblers show when asked in response to the casino. Either nonchalance, or absolute confidence. Somehow, these people must have known that the gahmen will be constructing it anyway. Ok, some of you retards are thinking, what makes ME think they'll definitely build it? But for heaven's sake, they WILL build the casino k? Anyone with common sense knows that the whole We'll-tell-you-our-final-decision-in-a-few-weeks crap is just a big pile of bull. An absolute facade to keep those religious zealots at bay, so that the gahmen have at least shown those goons that they have been "deep in consideration and thought".

The casino is too great a cashcow for the gahmen to just throw into thin air. Sure enough, social costs will be incurred, but the gahmen is not so dumb to not have considered the repurcussions. Surely they know social problems will arise from the the construction of this casino, but hey, guess what? Economic growth outstrips social costs, and pragmatism reigns supreme, the gahmen will still carry out what they have already decided to do a long time ago and get the darn casino built.

This leads to the crux of my post today. Why the $%^!@#$%^%$^$% do people ponder and worry so much over this rather inconsequential matter? Even without the construction of a casino, gambling still goes on. Those that are susceptible to addiction to gambling will most like get addicted to it even without the construction of a casino. I mean, will it really matter? Religious zealots just get unnecessarily burdened with this whole matter which is entirely out of their control ( especially in Singapore where riots are banned) and the gamblers worry so much like their life depended on the casino even when they're doing perfefectly fine without one now.

More inane than the psychos worrying endlessly over the whole matter will be the reasons the gahmen will give to justify their decision to build the casino. oh, we want to build a creative society and the casino will bring about blablablabla. Oh, we want to attract tourists so that our economy will benefit blablabla. We want to assimilate certain aspects of foreign culture into our own singaporean culture blablabla. Oh, we're progressing towards a more open-minded society, with the permitting of eating chewing gum, bar top dancing etcetc, and the construction of a casino would cement our resolution to work actively towards that goal blablablabla.

You get the point.

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