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Friday, September 24, 2004 

life and love...

hey raymond,

certainly can say that i partied (or shopped) like mad the 3 days i got off school. (extended weekend! 5 days free from the horrible construct called school!) looking forward to totally unwinding during the weekend before going back to realise how much of a fool we were during the prelims (when the teachers discuss the questions with us..)

been on an all time low these few days.. i just realised how restricted my social circle became after getting attached, and it's kinda hurting me that the few people who are willing to accept me for who i am are drifting away from me cos of a guy.

why can't we all have our cakes and eat it? what's the point of giving us "cakes" when we can't "eat" them? =(

sadness aside though. the weekly rant on singapore idol arrives:

ok. so they were there because they were pursuing a dream. but is there a need for the people at sgi to remind us of their really bad bad bad singing by featuring them on the special "unsung heroes" show? if you ask me, it's really kind of embarrassing to be remembered by the whole of singapore as "that lemon tree guy" or "that abc mary poppins lady" (like, how credible can that get?) the only exception there is probably the guy who did "solitaire" - probably the only credible singer with a heartwarming (albeit sad) story that they brought back.

what i'd say is: bring on the competition already. i'm dying to see jeassea, olinda, daphne and beverly perform. at least that would make the hour worth it...

normalcy is a perception. if you think i'm not normal, then you have a perception problem. - anonymous

no, i accept you for who you are! really, i do! just in case you've forgotten about me. *sulks*


alvina: now now i know.. =p just talking in general.. =x no offence..

- marilyn

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