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Wednesday, June 22, 2005 

Look who does surveys too?

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

I just spotted this online survey on blogging via Tym and prompty did it.
In the survey, they used some advanced algorithm (or so i surmise) to create an applet to randomly choose 5 links ( any kind, blog links, article links, picture links, etc) from your blog.

It churned up with this 5:
2)Falconer Designs. The stupid company/independent organization that designed this stupid blogskin. Yes, I downloaded it. You think I even bother to design my blog layout? Too lazy to. Thanks marilyn for helping me with all that crap.
4)Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?-- Kenny Sia's quiz
5)Tym, whose blog I visit quite often.

Some pictures to keep you guys entertained.

YES Plz!

- Keeping America Safe from harm

We don't want no pigs driving!

Now you know why they say not to let your mother buy your clothes.

I'll be back with my post about Friendster soon, as promised in the last post. Way too lazy now.

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