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Sunday, September 26, 2004 

Love and life? Life is about love right?

Ok briefly just running through my past few days schedule.

Friday: Parade rehearsal. Draggy. took almost one whole day. Anyway I have this campmate of mine who is rather impatient and kind of have the mentality that he is superior to everyone. Irritating. But he's still a rather nice guy... so my friendship towards him is rather ambivalent... sometimes i think he's great... but his intolerance also brushes me off sometimes... but i guess I have to be tolerant with his intolerance right? Gosh... i'm rambling.

Saturday: Had lots of sleep, which is great, needed it. Went running for almost an hour. Needed the exercise. Total distance covered was almost 5km i guess, I was running at super slow pace, not to mention taking a 10min break in between coz my friend called to talk to me. After that, bathed, grabbed a Subway sandwich for lunch, and rushed for my cell group at Serangoon. Cell group attendance was a bit lower than usual that week, but it was amazing as usual...and i love the company of my cell group members (church friends). They're just the most amazing people on earth. Some went off soon after cell group, the rest of us went to Bugis, walked around... and even though it may be just walking around looking at stuff, it's just a great feeling coz when you're with them you just feel good. It's not like u have to do stuff at all, you just enjoy being in each other's company ya know what i mean? So 4 of us went to dinner. Yeap.

Today: Woke up, slacked around, ate some stuff, read newspaper a bit, bathed and prepared for church ( and btw I'm in City Harvest Church). Anyway took a taxi down to Paya Lebar Mrt station to catch the shuttle bus (catered by my church to take us to the church premise). B4 taking the shuttle bus managed to buy some food from Mcdonald's for breakfast..... I love McDonald's breakfast food! super super yummy man. Love it! Anyway, rushed down to church. Had a great service. Ate lunch with my cell group. Great company as usual. Later some of us went back to the church cafe... and then they left and I was fellowshipping with my friend Renzheng... he's a really great guy! Love him man... he's really funny... anyway I wish I could upload some photos of my cell group to let you guys see.... but must go and find first. But don't worry, I will in due season, so give me some time! Ok anyway spent some time talking to renzheng abt some stuff, he took the train to city hall and i took it all the way back home, then my family went to Merchant Court Hotel for dinner (it's my sis' bday) . Nice food, but the thing i hate about these family gatherings, they'll keep asking u so trivial stuff like "oh what are you doing now?" or "How are you" which is just kinda grating to me at least. And they keep focusing on all these materialistic stuff like presents and clothes and whatever crap. ARgh. I really need to seize the opportunity to tell them more about God.

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