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Sunday, October 10, 2004 

Monday Blues? No Way!

All right, the weekend has been a blast for me. I really had a great time! Actually it was an extra long weekend because I took leave on Friday. I wasted my Friday away... anyway as I said on Friday's post it was prob the worst weekend I ever had because of something terrible I did. Anyway on Friday I met up with this jc friend of mine which I thought I liked but found her too... not witty enough for me la! And she's not a Christian too... aww... although I did pull her to church once... haha... I realized that one of the most important criterion to me is that the ONE for me must be able to hold a rather intellectually stimulating conversation... be it deep conversation, or lame spastic, witty , verbal arguments!

After Friday, things picked up... I slept till rather late on Saturday, late for my lunch appointment with Xiuzhi, Jiajin and Caleb, 3 of my best friends! Thanks to Xiuzhi for picking me up in her car... and it was great that my 13-year-old friend Caleb could finally celebrate my birthday with me! Caleb if u are reading this... li mai gong wa buay gao peng yu, wa da bai jiu si jin gao peng yu! ( learnt that hokkien sentence from Xiuzhi, haha love it! thanks Xiuzhi!) Caleb I celebrated ur birthday 5 years in a role without fail k! Glad u finally celebrated with me man... it's about time! Xiuzhi and gang pulled me to take a few neoprints coz it was unusual for caleb to join us in our outings haha... weird for a guy to take neoprints right? Whaha but our gang has such a weird bond also... I like being with these guys coz I know I can be myself with them... silly and spastic! It's important to be in touch with your childish side! Ok anyway because of taking the neoprints, I was late for meeting Kenneth, another of my best friends, even though Xiuzhi drove me there. Supposed to meet him at 3pm, then change to 3.15, then i was only there at 3.45! wah Pai Sei leh Kenneth!

Anyway going to cell group meeting really refreshed me, it really rejuvenated me and really helped me gain some assurance from God after I did those bad stuff and felt so crappy about it. And seeing all the members really brought up my spirit again! And Alvin was back from Taiwan joining us for the first time in 3 weeks, so it was great to have his presence back! ( Note to Pamela: What's with the crush thing! My gosh. And said to Sharon somemore! haiyo. I was so malu-ated! I am a *very very normal* (must emphasise) guy k! *something tells me you're jealous about me always praising him hahaha* But anyway I love you too much to be bothered with the comment of yours... haha)

The cell group message was great... then they celebrated my birthday... with Pamela's!!! Oh man, that is like sooo planned. I just know they did it on purpose! Then I was kinda facing Pamela coz i felt kinda awkward and Sharon said something about that. And Lynn your comment on what birthday kiss!!! Now the whole cg knows about the past ( emphasis: it's *THE PAST*) le la!!! OH well, 13 years of friendship... love you too much to be angry with ya too!

Well After cell group meeting, stayed around to mingle around, then many of them left coz they all had some stuff on, so left with a small number of us. Jason, Renzheng, Sharon and I went the Serangoon mrt to take the NEL to Dhoby Ghaut... from there I went dinner with Rz... at Yoshinoya... the food there was actually not bad, but b4 that I had a Gelare Thick Shake which was really filling, so didn't really have the appetite for dinner. Rz's a really crappy guy! Haha which is why I think it's easy to hang out with him, coz I feel that I can be silly and be lame and be myself when I'm around him. Then both of us went to the LAN shop to play Desert Combat? ERm something like that? Anyway I mostly play Warcraft 3 in the Lan shop so I guess it's a welcome change... it was really fun anyway... so after that I went home and I saw David Beckham's goal against Wales.... it was SO BEAUTIFUL!

Today got up early, and my aunt who comes really early every Sunday asked me, " What church is Jerry Ong in?.... I thought he was in your church." I was absolutely mortified when she said that. Then I told her no, that guy is not in my church! Went back 2 sleep, got up again and rushed off for service... I had to take a cab to paya lebar mrt station coz I was supposed to take the 1st bus to book seats but overslept. I managed to catch the 2nd bus just in time. Every time I step into church, it's just great... I feel so uplifted and joyful and great!

Went to fellowship and eat after service, really fun as usual, and Renzheng, Dale ( Bao Qing Tian), Sharon Da Jie ( my beloved cell group leader), Pamela my super whiny super good friend, and Lynn, my super long time friend of 13 years, went to watch White Chicks, which was helluva funny... I was laughing till I got stomach cramps. Went home, uncle prepared a few special dishes for a belated birthday celebration for my bro and I. Got lotsa hongbaos! Thank God for all the money!

NOw it's at night, and I thank God for all the great stuff He has done for me this weekend, the financial blessings, the really uplifting messages, the super fun time of fellowship and the great birthday celebrations my friends and cell group and family had for me. But tomorrow, when I book in to camp, I don't want to feel the "sianness" anymore. I don't want to go through the motions. I don't want to lose the joy of the Lord when I'm in camp. Whatever our hands find to do, do it unto the Lord! I want that to be the case. I want to glorify God in my camp. Although it's really really lonely in here sometimes, I only have a buncha friends inside here who are of a different vocation from me... But this time... I really going to believe... Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! I can overcome my circumstances!

P.s. Thanks again to Xiuzhi, Jiajin, Caleb for the great birthday celebrations. You guys mean so much to me. You guys are the best!! Keep rocking!
Thanks Kenneth, although bro, I still have to say your taste in clothes sux! You bought me a sleeveless top!!! I don't wear sleeveless tops! But then again I really do appreciate it. Thanks alot. thanks to my whole cell group. You guys are awesome. And most thanks to God!

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