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Monday, September 27, 2004 


retail therapy may be good for health but it is painful on the pocket...
unless your dad is bill gates. ^_^

nice to know that you had fun over the weekend. just earlier this morning (i'm in school now) my friend was telling me about her cell group and how close they were. it's nice to know that people can bond over religion. =)

yesterday marks the end of my 5 day strictly-slacking-and-no-revision-days. it was nice, albeit a little bit rough as some complications cropped up in my social life (thus the previous entry. but shan't go into that..) and yeah, what better way to end it than with a family gathering (ta-dahhh!!!). lol. customary "which school are you in now? which year?" (relatives never seem to remember how old you are...) aside, it was quite wacky. haha. "trivial... and materialistic stuff" are all part and parcel of small talk i guess...

recently there was a theft in our school library and now the entire redspot (collection of the really good reference books) section is sealed off to us.. it's a setback especially for history students because we have a heavy reliance on references that can be found in the redspot secion. this only goes to show the level of selfishness that some people in my school have. from what i heard, the thief stole a couple of english literature reference books and tore out the relevant pages (raymond, this might interest you.. it's notes on silas marner) to prevent other lit students from gaining access to what might be useful (since our teacher is not exactly the most inspiring). one selfish act led to the sanctioning of an entire treasure trove of references for fear that similar incidences happen. and it's unfair since we would not be able to use the material unless we know specifically which book has the relevant information. such a waste of time.

a tiny and selfish action that led to serious reprecussions to at least 100 students in the school. whoever the thief is, thank you for making us realise that we have the magical powers to pry into the contents of a book 100m away from us. thank you for allowing us to realise how powerful we are to know which books we need without needing to browse. thank you for wasting our time. i hope your conscience bugs you till the a levels are over (and by saying that, i'm being kind.)

gosh i'm rambling like mad...
goes to show how bored i am. (3 periods of break before a whole stretch of lessons...) =p

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