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Thursday, September 30, 2004 

my weekly singapore idol rant...

yes ray, your hanyu pinyin was fine. haha. no worries since my chinese is slowly disappearing day by day.. really ought to start talking in chinese more.. =|

good point. i'm just plain upset over the drastic actions that was implemented over such a petty crime. and the thing about history books is that few community libraries actually have them cos they're expensive.. oh well, guess we'll find a way to survive somehow. either that or we petition to our teachers. heh.

about the website though.. are there any links you would like to put up? email me the names and urls and i'll add in a slot.. do you want a tagboard as well? =p

singapore idol

yay finally it's the real competition! no more "unsung heroes", no more clownish singing... (seriously i didn't see the rationale of producing the "unsung heroes" edition. is there a need to remind singapore how much of a fool you made out of yourself?)

first announcement by gurmit told us that candice pulled out of the competition "due to personal commitments". find it quite sad cos she really shone in her piano show and seems to have much potential.

for the parents' choice show, just outlining the few performances that caught my eye.. =p

maia did surprisingly better in this episode than the last one but my personal opinion of her still stands. yes she has a powerful voice, but the impression i get is that she is banking on her sexuality rather than quality singing to drag the votes in. perhaps that's partly the reason why we notice her. heck i devoted one entire paragraph (plus half a post) to someone i am supposed to not like! haha talk about hypocrisy. the same applies to william hung btw.

beverly and daphne did not really too well IMHO, but it's still great to see them performing again. jeassea, again, was stunning in her performance. powerful voice, captivating act and super diva-ish. olinda was "totally steady-bom-pee-pee" as usual, complete with her quirky sense of humour ("my mother said yes (to her father's proposal) after he gave her the bouquet of longans").

the guys, other than david and slyvester, did not really fare well. overall, some performances were rather disappointing. maybe it's just the old songs. =x

on another note, i just wanna say that the michael jackson inspired (be it accidentally or purposefully) sgi advertisement of the 12 finalists was really beautifully done.

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