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Tuesday, September 28, 2004 

Tian Wang Hui Hui, Shu Er BU Lou

Ok this is a reply to your post Lyn... (btw my han yu pin yin is correct right? haha my chinese kind of rusty le!) The thief will get his retribution? And you know what it will be? It's the fact that a lot of these "notes" they get from books are crap. Really. Trust me. It's v v v hard to use the info u glean from these notes to put into your A' level essays. Maybe University thesis or research papers can la, but A levels, trust me, it doesn't work. In fact if he tries to use these info in his essays, it will make his writing v forced and jarring... his essay would also be kinda convoluted in the process.... speaking from experience. But I pity you on the fact that you can't use the reference section anymore. I know frm my friends that history students live on reference books. Haha. It's ok la. I think community libraries also got one right?

Anyway, about the cell group bonding thing... it's not bonding OVER religion. haa... we tal about other stuff, but it's just that because there's fullness of joy in the presence of God? So we also derive joy from being in the presence of other believers... haha ... there i go rambling again....

As I promised, I will soon upload pics of my cell group for you guys! And keep your fingers crossed for pictures of me and my twin brother! haha

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