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Friday, October 01, 2004 

singapore idol spectaculars #1 - parents choice

i type this entry with a twinge of sadness and regret at singapore's appalling taste in singers. and i'm speaking from the singapore idol experience.

the news is out: jeassea and beverly are out. in one show two of my faves wiped out in one fell swoop. the sad thing is that they are eliminated (by my guess) because of a single bad performance while squeaky sh*ts like jerry get to stick around. first it was nana and shirin, now bev and jeassea are out. what's next?

oh com'on singapore.. jeassea is good. beverly may be whiny and irritating with her tears but she is a credible performer. why are we giving them all up for squeaks such as jerry? if you want looks you've got them in the other two contestants as well.

the news that jeassea was going was the more shocking one. one can practically hear the indignation from the crowd. one guy shouted so loud that you can hear him on the tv.

they say that singapore idol is doomed to go down the drain, to be archived as one of the "been-there-done-that" of singapore's talent search contests, alongside talentime and fame awards (or whatever it was...) i'm beginning to think so. but it's not cos the show has a bad concept or anything (after all, it was from the americans). it's cos singaporeans are unable to vote properly. therefore, why bother using up resources to create and produce such a show when all we can do is embarrass ourselves in front of the americans?

i'm not angry. i'm just saddened over the bad choices singapore makes.
thank God we're not a liberal democracy. we'll be flushed down the sewers of history before the year is over.

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