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Saturday, October 02, 2004 

Singapore Idol as Democratic Ideal... plain BS!

Marilyn, I'm guessing I'm as pissed as you. Yesterday's results are an utter disappointment. Jeassea leaving the show on the first night is a TRAVESTY. What the hell are Singaporeans thinking? I can't tell you the rage I'm feeling right now at this downright injustice being done to arguably the most talented singer in the show. Sure, she didn't do that well, or rather as well as expected of her on thursday, but Singaporeans didn't have to punish her so harshly with this kind of thing right? But then again, I'm also to blame. I was one of the people who took for granted the fact that Jeassea was good and didn't vote for her. I guess a lot of others had the same mentality as me, and that certainly didn't help Jeassea at all. I don't know. I'm just so disillusioned with the whole Singapore Idol show. I think the Idol franchise is a really unique and special concept. It serves as a democratic ideal to the masses. But that's precisely why it's not so feasible here. Down here, we all stress democracy and all, but really people aren't willing to vote and spend a little money for a cause they support because something else overrides this democratic ideal thing --- and that's KIASUISM. People aren't willing to spend that .little bit of money to vote because they think in doing so they'd lose out to others because they're wasting money. In case you're thinking I didn't vote, I did. I spent almost 9 dollars voting in the previous rounds. I didn't vote on thursday coz I thought I'd done my fair share.

Sometimes I'm really starting to seriously question that feasibility of Singapore Idol. The talent isn't that great already. I think there're only a few that i would consider better singers. Jeassea, Leandra, Olinda, David Yeo and maybe Taufik ( i like his style).The others have their own merits but seriously I doubt their vocal talents. And even some of the talented people didn't do very well on Thursday. David Yeo did rather disappointingly. Olinda was the only saving grace! And it's great that she added me on Friendster!!! wooo hoo. Anyway besides the dismal talent we got, and the abysmal decisions made on the audience's part, and the fact that Singaporeans are so bloody kiasu and pragmatic to the extent some would never vote, I have a gripe with the judges, whom I think are rather irritating (especially Ken Lim... what?? people call him a sex object? I think i'm more attractive than 10 of him put together!). But I shan't go on ranting. I think it'll make me more upset. Lyn, if ever Oli, Leandra and David Yeo don't make it to the top 6 at least, I'm swearing off the show. Period. And I think you should too. haha.

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