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Thursday, October 07, 2004 

sgi - rock and roll special

hey ray, things will be fine, just try to relax and hopefully everything will iron out yeah? you still serious about tomorrow's tution thing? =| argh.. just sms me yah? i end at 1300h tomorrow.

anyway... singapore idol weekly rant. =p

the good
david cannot really do rock and roll in the dance aspects. but he has a really good voice. a rendition one would love to hear in the morning to wake you up.

daphne did credibly tonight, looks good (omg i want that top so much!!!) and sounds unique. my mom was commenting that her voice lacks power, but she makes up for it with the unique treatment (aka "daphne treatment" as coined by douglas).

taufik... boy that guy finally manages to catch my attention with the "great balls of fire" with smooth moves and voice. this obviously is his niche genre of singing (what can i say? he did mj and usher before...), and boy did he "sound very good" (as according to ken)

maia was good in terms of power. love her outfit. but still, biased view against her still stands and still think she's selling sex, albeit lesser compared to the previous episodes.

leandra with "rocking robin" was chirpy (pun not intended), likable, totally in groove with her sounds. an act nicely executed. ^_^

the "bad"
contrary to what the judges say, i thought ollie is still doing well. she has the power that daphne lacks for this musical genre.

on the other hand, slyvester gave me the impression that he was screaming the song out. or maybe it's cos i do not really appreciate rock and roll, but tonight's performance did not really work for me..

chris? *zlich* nada. uh-uh. may he be saved by tone-deaf hormonally charged teenage girls.

the ugly
jerry (the mouse) tries too hard. too hard. to the extent he sounds *beeping* constipated (even dick says so!). it will really take a miracle if he becomes the Singapore Idol. and that is when i'll be forced to blaspheme and say that God is blind... or tone-deaf.


oh and on your 19th birthday...

many happy returns ray! don't steal any cake! (bwahaha! lame joke.) =)

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