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Thursday, October 14, 2004 

on the upslopes of exhaustion...

jerry and christopher made me cringe. olinda, leandra and daphne are my sunshines. that rounds up my weekly rant since i'm too miffed and nauseated by jerry "squeak" mouse ong to even pay much attention to singapore idol. (its just amazing how the people we dislike most gets the most attention. but seriously, jerry's singing is so bad to the extent it catches attention.)

besides, doing a countdown to the a levels, i have officially 3 weeks to my gp paper, and am a month away from my a level subjects proper. and i feel like an idiot in tutorials. so.. yeah i feel like i'm tied down to the railway track, with a train in sight, and no means of escape.

tomorrow technically marks my last day as a student of anderson junior college as we embark on our study breaks to prepare for our a levels. can't wait to get out of that dump. sometimes i regret choosing that school over nanyang, which probably will give me better opportunities as an arts student. all aj (as an educational institution) ever did to me is to stifle whatever's left of my desire to study. oh goodness, talk about suffocation.

there are reasons why i'm glad i stayed on. it's mostly because of the people i meet - friends and teachers. especially the teachers, my english and gp tutors who are probably the best in the entire school. if there's any sense of nostalgia to be evoked when thinking about that place, it will probably be memories of my english lectures (and perhaps some council memories...)

the building will always be there. but the true experience depends on the people you meet in the building because they are the ones who determine the memories you have of the place. it is miss wong (my english tutor) who has the ability to make me remotely miss my times in ajc. i'll always remember her quirky ways and her laugh-till-you-split-your-sides lectures. i'll always remember the guidance she gave me through the entire course of literature.

but overall, i just want to get out of that dark institution that stifles.

sgi votes: 1 (daphne), 3 (leandra), 7 (olinda), 8 (taufik)
you girls go!

now, back to the studying. =(

Oh man! I missed Sg Idol today! But I heard that Christopher and Jerry Ong again really cannot make it. Lyn, I'm with ya on this one... My favs are Leandra, Taufik and Olinda. I'm still kinda ambivalent towards Daphne though. But overall, I think all except Christopher and Jerry are not too bad.

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