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Thursday, October 14, 2004 

You are my light and salvation, whom shall I fear?

God has been great to me the past few days. Woah... Praise the Lord! It's really like, the sacrifice of praise really works... God really treasures it! Hmm I'll go into full detail tomorrow to do a praise report on my week! Haha.. but anyway I've to put a less "Christian-Christian" kind of posts now and then if not all my non Christian friends won't read my blog le!

Anyway these are the stuff I've been up to every night after work.

Monday: went hm by taking SBS bus instead of shuttle bus to the mrt. Like take the SBS bus because it's more quiet and I feel I can reflect better and connect with God better on the bus.. went hm and surfed the net abit, and went to watch NARUTO!!! Thanks Gabriel for all the episodes you burnt for me!

Tuesday: Went to Plaza Singapura to do some major shopping! Somehow I straightaway popped into 77th street to buy stuff because I love clothes from there. And this week is my birthday week so there's a 20% rebate on all the house brands! I spent almost 110 bucks there. But the clothes I bought are really cool! Too bad had to waste another 20 over bucks to go alter all the clothes coz I'm TOOOO small!!!! *wails* Also went to the Yamaha Contempo Pop Music School to check out their courses starting soon. I'm so tempted to take up drums! I love all kinds of instruments and can't wait to learn something! Although priority for me is still guitar... it's a Christian thing!

Wednesday: Went to church, went to makan, love the chao guo tiao at the hawker centre opposite church! YUUUUMMMYYYYY. Bible Study: Brother Bobby is back from his short China mission trip and he shared lots of v interesting and funny experiences! Haha. It stretched a little late but it doesn't matter because we learn so much more and the whole session really refreshed me.

Thursday (today): Was really contemplating whether to go to church for a short while to hang out in the bookshop or to go home to catch Singapore Idol. In the end decided to go to church. Sat down a while to read my book before ending up talking for almost 40 mins to Prashant (good army friend), Alvin ( inspirational cell group member), and Kenneth ( one of the best friends ever!). Then went down to Powerhouse to pray. It's so refreshing! Although was so tired after that slept almost my whole mrt journey home. Praise God that i didn't oversleep my station!

OK, that's it.. I'll write out more about my work week tomorrow. Really hope to put up some pictures of my cell group members and my family member ( esp my twin brother due to many requests).... a shoutout to all those who read my blog... Lynn!!! Your tag!!! Pamela will be mad when she sees it! Haha... anyway as I said I love ya too much to take your seriously... Oh and Sharon Da Jie ( my cell group leader) read my blog! Woah. hahaha. And found out that Joie ( friend for 5 years already and a great guy) also visits my blog rather regularly... haha... thanks to you guys for making my blog a little bit more alive. But more tags and comments please! :)

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