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Monday, November 01, 2004 

Waxing lyrical.

Ripped it off one of my distant friend's blogs.

Another sunrise, another day. Welcome to the beauty or surety of what we belive as a constant. Have you done all that you need to do today? Could you say "if i died today i leave with no regrets?" I cant, most of us cant. So live, live like there's no tomorrow, grasp the seconds, the minutes and the hours. Do what your heart desires, dare to love, use the power of expression, creation and witnessing to live out those dreams. Tell your loved ones you love them, mean it like there's no tomorrow. Live your dreams if ya already living them, live them like there is no tomorrow. For some of us are not as fortunate to already be living our dreams. Love, Forgive and achieve. Live each day as such, like it were your last, like there will be no tomorrow. Do not take the constant of sunrise for granted.

Excellant isnt it. how the month of September slips by right through your very fingers, like ghostly gossamers one would brush away when venturing the unknown caves of the future and eternity. I assure you, that this feeling of time slipping from your hands, like the slippery salmon from the hungry bear, is one feeling you would not want to experience when you are living your dreams, or when you are trying to seize that dream. Like the nile, the flow of time, like the flow of water, they are both endless, unstopping, cruelly unrelenting, stopping for no one. That is our mortality, and time, is the equaliser of all man. Success would thus be determined by what one can achieve more than others given that similiar quantity of time. Some would squander it, some would abuse it, but my friend, seize it and use it. Time is not a mere scenery you watch go by as you jouney on life's rocky boat ride through the endless oceans of life, time is truly a currency to be spent, to be used as a tool to acquire your happines, to secure your dreams, to love, to live and perhaps, just perhaps, to put a smile the face of that special someone, that special someone you commited to spend your life with. Time in vastness is wealth, not boredom,not inevitability. Lack something to achieve those dreams due to cirumstances? Then use time to change things, get a job, talk to a friend, excel in what you do, go to a church,make all the money you want to make in the world. do not let those precious sands of time slip through your hourglass. You alone control your youth and by now, those that are reading this bottled message, you are probably 2 decades old, stuck in limbo, studying, in the army, working and uninspired. Have you bungee jumped? Something you talked about but have yet to get to it. Have you loved? something you fret about but never act upon? Have you forgiven? Leave those wounds to fester then the love of your life and friends will soon leave you for you are a broken man, no longer daring to love, no longer daring to venture. Have you laughed? Truly the happy laugh, where you are at bliss, satisfied, overjoyed, brimming with joy and energy for tomorrow, because you are living your dream? Have you been selfish? To choose oneself over another? To love yourself just a little bit more, to give yourself the love you have already deserved? I tell you now my friend. No. Dont lie to yourself. Dont reply to my message, telling me im misguided, arguing with me about your bliss and happines. It will be a waste of time. If that raised an eyebrow, struck a nerve or caught your attention, chances are, you have many unfulfilled dreams, dreams you shelf for others, dreams that are not your own but others, dreams that people have forced you to believe that are dreams. Then switch off your computer, break out of your routine and live, love,hate,cry and emote. Evanescent. Do not fear your emotions, live them, express them, and seize time. Like Brad Pitt said "Immortality! its yours. Take it"

Beyond the gapping gulf that is death, lies the infinity of life and times - its limits only defined by what you make of it.

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