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Monday, October 18, 2004 

Why Do the Weekends pass so quickly?!

Haiyo. Dunno why suddenly the weekend just passed me by. It's so tiring just to sit here on a Sunday night (actually Monday morning) to type out my entry... but I figured if I wanted to keep this thing alive, I have to at least blog twice a week!

Anyway the week has been great for me, as I said earlier although the start of the week was a little rough... but everyday it got better and better, really, I feel that God is really working in my life and I'm certain my breakthrough is about to come! Very soon I'm going to be switching camps to Changi Naval Base. I know that life there is going to be just as tough, if not more tough, than how it is in Tuas Naval Base... but it's ok... I'm prepared for it and I know I can face whatever is there for me... Bring it on! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me...

Friday everyone in camp was already in holiday mood, it was really quite slack on friday and i did lots of crap painting for some fence thingie... argh the paint is so hard to remove... until now still got some bits of red red paint on my hand. Anyway, Friday passed so quickly... wanted to go to service but coz I forgot to bring my bible so I decided not to... in the end I went back home to catch the results show of Singapore Idol. When Leandra was announced to be in the bottom 2, my heart almost exploded! I like Leandra! Singapore she's a talented girl... please don't do such a thing to her! She deserves to be in the top 4 at least. Here's my brief review of their performances.

Daphne: Ok la... Think she's stagnating. And I still think she can't sing for nuts. I find her very irritating although her saving grace is her looks. I just think she doesn't have a singing voice... her voice is way too squeally for my liking.

Slyvester Sim: This week his performances was terrible. I'm ok ok with him, not a fan nor do i dislike him...but I still do not think highly of his voice. But at least he knows his style is rock so that's good for him. But Douglas O was right when he said that "you managed to bring rock into disco.... which is scary..." and i totally agreed! Sly... a very very weak performance.

Leandra: Girl... you're one talented chick... but you really have to choose your songs wisely! After choosing Ben in the piano shows and Come Together for the first round of the Spectaculars... your song choices started gng downhill... this week's songchoice is absolutely terrible. But then again you're still way better than some of the others. So you definitely do not deserve to be in the bottom 2! Leandra, pull up your socks next week! You're a really really good singer with a very raw, unique voice...you can go far!

Christopher: Jerry Ong was better than him this week. 'Nuff said.

Jerry Ong: Haiya. He is really not a good singer at all.... dunno how he got in here... but the thing about him is that I really think he's so brave. No matter what criticism is thrown at him, he can always offer a smile and just take the criticism without giving some lame retort unlike Maia or Christopher for that matter. I really have to applaud his courage for putting up that smile 24/7. I think although I just couldn't stand him at first, i've now gained a new layer of respect for him..

Olinda: This girl ROCKS! except for that questionable outfit... she rocked with that performance... Man, that song is so cool! and you made it even cooler!

Taufik: This guys is probably my favourite contestant along with Leandra and followed closely by Olinda.... he's a really really smooth performer and definitely the best male singer in the group.

Maia: I won't call her even a singer... she's like a s***! I mean there's a fine line between performing a sexy performance and pimping for votes. Maia just simply went too far. She wasn't even concerned with her singing. She was concerned with the whole booty shaking, grind my butt-to-the-floor- routine, and the hip twisting, the chest thrusting... my gosh... I would've thought I just turned up at some strip club if i was in the studio. And the worst thing is that the Ken is such a perverted piece of crap that he is sososososososososososososo biased towards Maia! What the hell? You can actually say that performance was not bad? It was terrible! ARgh I can't stand Ken. He's so biased and he keeps trying to sound intellectual when he's such an idiot! Remember the stupid comment to David Yeo? " Do you think you're better than the other contestants?" ---- that's the dumbest question I've ever heard. Then this week's comment to Jerry Ong was soooo memorised. "Undaunted by your amateurish voice, you made a notable effort in blablablabla" ---- come on, you think we believe that came out naturally from your mouth?!!! CH5 SCRIPTWRITERS!!!! PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!

Ok so now my idol rant is over, back to my weekend routine. B4 I go into that, i have to say I'm really thank ful that I stayed at hm on friday to watch Idol with my mom. I think there's a little bonding for us over the show. Same for my dad. We really talk alot over the show... and other than that, we don't really communicate that much... so I believe the show is a stepping stone to really grow closer and reach out to them... hopefully win them over for God.

Saturday passed s quickly. Woke up at 7+, and went back to sleep, got up a few times again and went back to sleep, then finally got up at 11+. Slacked around, read newspaper, went for lunch at Crystal Jade with my family, took a cab down to Jieyong's house for cell group meeting. CRAP!!!! Alvin, dale and renzheng sort of figured out that I took the cab to jieyong's house! And they knew that i purposely stopped a little bit before jieyong's house so that I won't be seen coming out of the cab. Grrr but the stupid taxi made so much noise!!!! ARGGHH! Ok anyway I have to cut down this whole taxi thing anyway... too bad my lunch with my family ended late and I had no choice but to take taxi. Cell group meeting was fantastic! The message was great. After that, stayed around the whole to fellowship, we all learnt a lot of special talents of each other! Sharon Da Jie can wiggle her toe like 24 times in 10 seconds? (actually I knew she always wiggle her toes long ago...haha) Huitian can bend her finger until like no bone like that... I think she should go onto the Gusiness Book of Records... maybe she can "po ji lu" and set a new record. Alvin has this funny eye brow control thing... he can move his eyebrow one at a time... some of his eyebrow poses looks like the People's Eyebrow ( you know WWE superstar The Rock's trademark?) .... Small Sharon can touch her tongue with her nose!!! Oh man that's abnormal!! Am I the only normal one around? Haha... After fellowship went to Plaza Singapure to collect my clothes which I bought from 77th street. Spent 28 bucks altering everything!!! So expensive!!! too bad that design which I liked only had such a large size I had no choice but to alter!!! Why am I so short!!! *wails* haha But I must visualise myself being taller! Then I will become what I visualize myself to be! Whahahaha

Sigh went home to witness a rather disappointing match by Man U. Watched First half and Rooney wasn't fielded. Only 2nd half then fielded. But still 0-0. Sad. And @!#$#@ Arsenal won. Grrr... Lynn if u are reading this, the coming saturday will be the day of reckoning!!!! Man U will break Arsenal's record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok this morning met Dale ( Bao Qing Tian) and REnzheng for breakfast... one thing about Renzheng... he has this amazing passion for his ministry... He has a great attitude of servanthood when it comes to his ministry and that day, he sang for all 4 services! 3 English services and 1 Chinese service. Woah. I really am inspired by that guy. We had a really really really crappy talk cock session at church and REnzheng was really making a lot of crappy comments about me being "lup sup" (dirty) in my mind. Nonsense lo!... I'm very pure in my mind and my mind has been sanctified k. :D ... Dale was eating a brownie...tasted quite nice... I ate a really big hotdog and I gave 1 to renzheng too who kept making references of the hotdog to erm... the male organ... of coz I told him not to talk about those kind stuff in church! Even a "lup sup" guy like me won't go so far... haha... anyway I also ate a very nice muffin and stuffed myself with it such that the crumbs were all over me... was making the comment that if my whole face was full of the chocolate muffin crumbs then my face colour would be the same as Dale's... haha Dale if you're reading this I think you're already immune to my jokes on your skin colour le lar!!! NO offence one k! It's all in the name of fun. You can make fun of my height too if you want! Haha.. go ahead!

Dale and I did something "illegal" in church today. We sneaked passed the barricade outside a door and went all the way down the staircase. Actually, we weren't supposed to do that... we did that on one door and the door happened to be locked... and my ex bible study mentor who is a Usher IC saw and asked us what we were doing! Thank goodness she was my friend. Haha... anyway being the guy who refuses to give up... I went to the other side to find the door open and went down with Dale... that guy kept saying what we were doing was bad... say so much until I from so proud of myself become so guilty le la!!!

Service was great as usual... though I have to say I'm kinda bored about the propertity subject coz it's been touched on so much before. Oh well, never hurts to hear it one more time and get blessed even more. Haha. Kenneth Ng one of my best friends who's still new in church and an irregular in the cell group brought my BMT mate, Jenson along, who turned out to be an ex-harvester too! How cool is that... hopefully can get him back to come to church regularly.

After service, fellowship and makan, and we found out more new special talents of each person! Tomorrow I'll post on that. Hahahaha.

Serving in dialect church was awesome. Tiring but fulfilling.

Can't wait for tomorrow. Have to rely on God to keep me going in camp tomorrow.

very tired le. God bless all those reading my blog. haha. :D

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