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Thursday, October 21, 2004 

Great Triumph Comes Out of Great Tests!!!

All right, I ripped the title of today's blog of my cell group leader's MSN display name... I thought it was really cool and inspiring.

These few days seem to pass really quickly. It's like most of the time I always think that the weekends pass very quickly and the weekdays pass very slowly, but now I realize even the weekdays pass rather quickly! Here's a quick update on my life:

Monday: 2nd last day in Tuas Naval Base... somemore coaxing from the people there to stay on... but I've made up my mind... coz I prayed about it and felt the peace of God when I decided to move over to Changi, so I really just acted on God's direction for me and decided on moving to Changi. Actually over the past month or so, I've gotten to know some friends in this place. It's just that the people that I clique with best are the people who have the least time to interact with me because they're mostly of a different vocation. So sometimes it can be quite lonely in camp but it was only in the last 2 weeks or so I really started to learn to joke around with the rest... to come out of my shell. I had a few reasons for leaving Tuas Naval Base... and distance was not really a factor, because later I really appreciated the fact that the camp was so near church and I could always pop by church for bible study or some prayer time. The main reason I actually moved over to Changi was because I thought there was a serious communication barrier as most of them eg 80% of them were hokkien speaking and I have no clue whatever they're always talking about... it's like speaking in tongues! And also the people there... some of them are really attitude and its kinda hard to clique with some of them. Actually I prayed about it alot and I was telling God, I don't care about the circumstances, I don't want to base my decision to move on the circumstances but whether if it falls in Your good will for me? And He said yes, so i moved. It was a little bit painful today, because it realyl dawned on me I'll never be seeing some of the friends I made over here for probably the rest of my life. Anyway, not much work today, just slacking around mostly.

All right, today was my last day here, I wasn't feeling that sad anymore... it's just that I know many of the people in my camp were treating me funny for wanting to move over to Changi Naval Base... they all really wanted me to stay... I think alot of them actually quite liked me, haha... and they were all saying I should have let this guy with a terrible work attitude go over to Changi. It happened that they wanted to dump that guy there, but i volunteered to go over to Changi because of the convenience in travelling... and I felt there are more opportunities in Changi to learn new stuff. Most importantly, I felt God's peace with me when I made the decision to move over. Last day, I guess there were all that good byes. Some people I met were all saying it was so "sian" now that I was moving over to Changi... hmm I feel kinda flattered. Today I just wanted it to end quickly I guess coz I was really looking forward to go over to Changi Naval Base. By the way, I'm in the Naval Logistics Command formation.

Learning day. The people at Changi are great. EAsy to clique with and all very friendly, crappy and helpful! Much more busy than Tuas life but much more fulfilling too. Had to work overtime and spent some time mixing with my campmates before booking out, and it was so late and I had bible study at church! So i rushed down in a taxi again clocking up a bill of $19.70 . But i only had 14 bucks with me so i gave my 14 bucks and a free GV movie voucher to the uncle as payment! haha. Highlight of the week so far: Going to church for bible study!!! despite the expensive cab fare, it was really well spent and it was really really great and refreshed and energized me. After that, I waited for my cell group member Renzheng to deng chu ( go home in hokkien... I'm becoming more and more hokkienised!) although we were supposed to go makan together. Anyway, his friend drove us all the way to Plaza Singapore and we ate at Burger King, and we talked a lot of cock over there... actually I'm really quite happy that I'm starting to get to know him a little bit more and starting to grow closer to him...I think he's a great brother in Christ and wonderful cell group member! One thing that strikes me most is that both of us love to sing alot... although he likes to say that he needs healing when he hears me sing... but I can sing ok! When I open my mouth and sing, girls will start to drool! They will flock to me like bees to honey, and they will just be mesmerized by me! I know it! Also, Renzheng is a really lame, really crappy, really funny guy and it's really easy to be with him... I'm not afraid to be myself and be silly and childish and crappy when I'm with him... and I can also get him to help me find a potential girlfriend in church! whaha

Thursday: From the best day of my week to the worst. Today was actually also ok la, work wise I learnt a lot, made a lot of mistakes and cocked up so much but my superiors are soooo patient and nice towards me and willing to correct me. God is really great. But after work, we worked overtime for 1 and half hours, so I only booked out at about 6.50. Then my Staff Sergeant (who's really nice to me) wanted to drive me hm and then send 2 others to go eat dinner, but in the end he tricked me! haha... he brought all 4 of us to SAF Yacht Club to drink beer. ARGH. I Hate beer and I think it's a really unhealthy and crappy thing to do, and that it's kinda bad. Grrr... and i missed Singapore Idol because of it... but i just went head to drink 1 can plus of beer to give my Staff Sergeant some "mian zi". Grr luckily I was very firm in my limits and I didn't drink too much. But still, I praise and thank God because this little session help me to just bond with my Staff Sergeant and my 2 campmates... so thank You Lord!

Anyway, this week's been rather eventful for me. I think I've learnt lotsa stuff work wise. I've grown a little wiser in the word of God again. I've brought some friendships to another level. And I think recently I've grown a lot closer to my cell group, because like a year ago I was still so caught up with my other non Christian friends and I have this group of close friends to me ( Kenneth Ng, Xiuzhi, Jiajin, Caleb and Pam, etc etc). I think I've developed a kind of openness with my wonderful cell group leader Sharon Ong, and my amazing cell group helper Alvin. I'm not really that close and all to them, but it's soooo easy to talk and get along with them and soooo easy to just come to them for encouragement and advice and to share with them your problems.
Something really eventful is also that I've grown closer to some cell group members like Renzheng and Eunice ( Momo, I shall stop calling you that for a while. Just to show u that I'm a pretty nice guy! whahahaha)... and I think I'm starting to communicate more with my parents a little. Also, there's the whole change in my camp working environment and I just know for certain this is God's will for me, hopefully his good or perfect will. Whatever it is, I know obstacles are about to come, but bring it on man.... coz I know God is with me and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

P.S. Eunice if u're reading this... please thank me for treating Renzheng ar... you know why...
and Renzheng, stop calling me lup sup! haha.... Pamela I know it's been some time since I've talked to you... although I still msg you, but I'll definitely find some time one of these days to chat with ya... really miss you presence in cell group last week! Lynn... continue to study hard... do take care of yer body... also miss ya presence in cell group last week! Hope you're well enough to join us this week. Caleb: glad you're finally making an effort to exercise and shed some weight b4 your NS! Kenneth Ng: if you're reading this now, glad you came to church last week!

Just feel like typing out my favourite worship song now.

Every crown I've ever worn I lay it down
Any praise I've ever gained I give it all to you
For there's nothing in this world that can compare...
For You alone are worthy, You alone are worthy
You are near to those who call upon Your name
Ever giving, ever loving You remain the same
For You open up your hand and satisfy....
I give You all the glory, give You all the glory...

You are worthy O Lord, of all honour
You are worthy to receive all praise
In You presence I live, and with all I have to give
I will worship You....honour You... glorify Your holy name....

Love this song! It roX! :D

yo raymond! i have to say u've got thick thick skin ! haha..ur singing attracting gals like bees to honey?!? well.....................hee ok, am kidding..u sound good ! anyway wussup?? aint no tag board! get it up soon k? miss ya!

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