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Saturday, December 18, 2004 


the line rings loud and clear on its front-page:
"Do you want your children to grow up learning that it is OK to gamble?"

in response to that question, no, of course not!

sadly, a casino would not teach otherwise. singapore has survived without a casino for nearly 40 years, and yet we still have our gambling freaks whose hobby usually involves the kranji race course and your local toto/4d betting outlets. so how, may i ask, would a casino legitimize the notion that gambling is ok since singapore is going to own one?

i was put off by the overtly righteous tone that this petition took on. sure, i know there are people out there who are totally repulsed by the idea that singapore is going to have a casino. oh horrors of horrors! we should not have a casino because it corrupts the future generations of singapore. what we worked so hard to build up will be torn down by a generation of gamblers! while we're at it, why not close down all those 4d/toto outlets? tear down all your race-courses! we MUST protect the next generation from all these corruption!

you know what i think? if "you want your children to grow up learning that it is (NOT) OK to gamble" it's really a personal responsibility. if you, as a parent, do not teach your child that gambling is actually a vice, whether singapore has a casino or not does not make a difference. there is such a thing as an airline ticket to las vegas for the affluent singaporean. if you, as a parent, constantly hang out at the racecourse, hog that "bible" that is the racehorses guide, and constantly bring home those pink slips of paper we know as the lottery ticket, it does not make any difference to the child whether a casino is built on our sunny island because you are already telling them "it is OK to gamble"!

the existence of a casino would not make a difference. the right way out is proper moral education, which is currently questionable.

you want me to go on about how moral education is going down the sewers these days? i'll save it for another post.

[edit]: as an afterthought.. i was wondering if the creators (who are so concerned for the future of singapore) buy 4D or go to the racecourses. and do they indulge in vices such as smoking, litering, and picking their noses in public? if they do, i'm sorry. any ounce of respect i may have had for their courageous and righteous but hypocritical attempts is officially dead.

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