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Saturday, December 04, 2004 

Just a quick update of my week.

Week's been rather busy for me. I had a few highlights though.

Monday was the second last episode of America's next top mode. Next week it'll be the last!

Tuesday: Got deceived by my sickening sergeant. Don't want to elaborate. Next time I'll be wiser when it comes to certain things.

Wednesday: SINGAPORE IDOL WAS AN ABSOLUTE BLAST!!! THE STADIUM CROWD WAS AMAZING. IT WAS ECSTASY! but more on that later. I'll post it at night.

Thursday: Bible Seminar at church. Rushed down in time but took a 22 dollar cab. Took a 5 dollar cab from paya lebar mrt station to return home. Grrr. All moi money's gone.

Friday: Had a super boring unit dinner and dine event. But thank God for the time to bond with some of the army mates!

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