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Wednesday, December 01, 2004 

taufik batisah - rock on!

finally. taufik's win serves to show two things:

  1. singaporeans do have an ounce of sense, national pride and aren't all that tone-deaf. thank goodness.

  2. well.. words basically can't describe my delight at the defeat of the tone-deaf and brainless fangirls. the silent and more sensible majority in singapore has spoken.
now that singapore idol has wrapped up, though, we see the ugly side of singaporeans and capitalism again.

have you guys heard about that one wherein people sold free tickets to the finals on ebay and yahoo auctions? the same thing that happened with our national day tickets, mtv asia awards... whatever.

cheap, backhanded and plain unethical. what's more laughable and low-down is this:

some people actually auction off their votes for money. let's see, from what i read... $800 for 600 votes for sylvester sim. that means the guy makes a cool $500 from this.

now, now. this won't work! this would not do!

isn't it cheaper to send in 600 votes for sly yourself instead of parting with an extra $500 for others? while i did say that those fangirls are stupid, but do you think they are that stupid to give extra money for their idol? if they had the money, $500 can give sly another 1000 votes! (which might have made all the difference tonight)

i wonder if anyone was really stupid enough to take that guy up on his offer. if so, congrats to him for nabbing a dumb catch.

the evils of capitalism kicks in.

while taufik has won, the real winner is actually starhub. gurmit said that there is a total of 3 million votes casted through the whole duration of singapore idol. this translates into a cool 1.5 million buckeroos for starhub. a pretty wide profit margin for them if you ask me.

the world is unfair. capitalism breeds inequality while communism is an ideal that holds no place in reality.

that's it. i'm going to move to some deserted island and create an utopia - a place where there's love and harmony, where war is a word erased from the dictionary and where there are no capitalists to exploit your money - there all for myself and my loved ones. trespassers not allowed. and you evil capitalists who claim that piece of land is yours, shove off and leave me alone.

hey dear! i so totally agree with wad u said! who would be so stupid lar! haha! anyway when r we meeting up? i miss u guys! me still looking for job lar. sian. u take care ok? n cont to dream of me n taufik! muahahaha.. crazy me. cya ard! *hugx* -jesc-

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