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Monday, November 29, 2004 

my first time reading through sgi forums...

i'm partly amused and partly irritated by singaporeans. especially those avid singapore idol fans or anti-fans or whatever they are. just pop by the forums (i was reading the olinda thread) and you get what i mean.

me included, i'm amazed at how much focus we give to those we hate. first it was maia, then jerry, then sly. i was fairly entertained by tanglinboy (who was banned) with his anti-oli comments and his fascinating use of hokkien and english vulgarities.

imo, if you want to fight, do it credibly. do it with intellect, do it with wit. any way but using vulgarities. it might seem cool at first, spewing all your "ccb" and "knn" and "f___s" like spittle that comes out of your mouth. after a while, it just screams "crude" and "barbaric". simply tasteless. since tanglinboy made such an impression on me for being an ass, let him be the recipient of this post:

fine, we all know you hate olinda. so be it - we get it! a simple post with "i hate olinda. she can't sing." afterall, the government didn't legislate compulsory education for singaporeans for nothing. you go around attacking other oli fans with a parang, making enemies. is there really such a need?

oh wait. even without thrashing, your lack of iq that clearly radiates from your writing would have easily made enemies for you.

on a totally different note, however, let's get to the present.

one of the latest post was absolutely appalling. "The total sum that we are going to put in for SLY is running into tens of thousands and we do need the resources to call for him."

my point?

  1. well, if you have that much money to waste, why don't you just save it and give them all to me or some deserving charities (nkf is NOT a charity)? whyfore give "tens of thousands" to starhub (evil capitalist firm) just because you want sly (mr. "kees") to win?

  2. imo, i'm kind of appalled at the extremity of this. i have my reservations about voting a guy who looks beng, sounds chinese and mispronounces his engrish english into world idol. what would the americans think in the post william hung and jin days? (about the latter, i'll rant about him some other day)

  3. based on logical assumptions, voting for sly means one thinks he has the talent. talent? yeah maybe in chinese rock. if we want to talk versatility and quality here, sly is definitely not my man.

  4. and to all you deluded singaporeans (and mostly sly fans to boot from the latest singapore idol telecast) who think singapore idol is the yellow brick road for singapore to carve out international stars, dream on. i'm basically becoming more and more disillusioned by the way singapore is voting - first jerry ong, now sly. you call them talent? (what about people like nana, jeassea and david? you mean they are not talent?) put them next to our american or australian idol and see how lacklustre our so-called talent is.
mediacock.. oops. i meant mediacorp is seriously screwing things up. just like most of the things we try to copy and end up making a complete mockery of ourselves. two words would emphasize my point - speakers' corner. you can virtually see spiderwebs hanging around that place now.

we may excel in the biosciences, we may have good food and the top rated airport, good tourism (erm.. right), first rate education...

when it comes to having the freedom to choose wisely, we fail miserably. when it comes to creativity, it's close to non-existent.

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