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Sunday, December 12, 2004 

Hip Hop fest!

All right, yesterday was a good day for me, because I got to meet up with 2 long lost friends whom I've lost contact with almost totally since my JC days. So I was extremely elated when both of them actually decided to go for the Hip Hop Festival with me!

Khasrul, Valerie and I actually met up at Clarke Quay Mrt station at around 7+ to go the the Hip Hop Festival, which is held at Hong Lim Park just at the exit of Clarke quay Mrt station. The doors actually opened at 12noon and the performances are supposed to start at 3pm. When we moved in at around 7.30, I thought I was going to be really late and I was even afraid that I missed Taufik's performances, which is actually one of the biggest reasons why I even bought the ticket in the first place. As such, I even took a cab to Clarke Quay Mrt station, which was really redundant actually coz Khas and Val only came about 7+ and even if I was early, it'd be rather pointless... coz I didn't want to go in myself! Silly me. Should have saved the cab fare.

When we got there, we realized the stupid place was not on a cemented place. It was on some crappy field and the ground was soooo muddy! The whole damn ground was like a evil pestilence contaminating and poisoning my shoes, socks and the lower end of my jeans. MY POOR NIKE SNEAKERS!!!! They're my fav. Damn that ground! Anyway when we got in, we were shocked coz there were only i guess about 1000 odd people. At first the turnout was speculated to be about 3500++ people. I think the rain actually drove many of the people away. NO matter, although the atmospehere was rather bad, the most important thing was that I could see all the action!! Haha. No unnecessary neck straining and tiptoeing and no whining about the inability to see what's happening on stage. So i give props to the rain! haha.

Too bad a lot of crappy dance acts went up. Many of them couldn't dance for nuts. I guess only a few could really dance. And they weren't exactly sensational either. In fact I was also getting a little weary despite being so hyped up for the event, and despite my mad love for hip hop muZaaCCk. Khas, Val and I were so bored we went to the back to sit, and Val started showing us some really cool hip hop moves. Damn I totally dig those! but i really really need to practice coz i suck so much at dancing and I've not been clubbing for eons! Not that I want to become some cheongster but I don't mind going clubbing once in a while just to soak up the atmosphere and culture and to feel the rhythm in my bones!!! Khas said I need to go clubbing more. Haha... coz my dance was so stiff and I was a really slow learner when it came to that dance move. MAybe he's right!

So we just went around entertaining ourselves trying to make our 15 bucks worth it by summoning any remaining ounce of interest in us and trying to grrrrooooovveee to Da rhythm. Val kinda got a little pissed after a while and started ranting to Khas a little coz she was really hungry. So we kinda decided to leave early. However when I was about to leave, I stopped by one of the booths and started talking to 2 attractive ladies. Turns out one's a friend and the other's a relative of this rap/hip-hop group that was performing that night, called Soulid. They performed at the Esplanade on Friday either. I've never heard of them becoz I'm not like some fanatic of the local hip hop industry... I just support it coz I love hip hop music... Haha thank God for such a wonderful invention!!! Anyway i was chatting and chatting with those 2 attractive young ladies and time seemed to pass by so fast! Haha! And they sort of persuaded me to get that band's cd for 10 bucks, and I did. oh well. I couldn't resist it! Haha they were really quite charming. Anyway, all the time when this was going on, I didn't realize Val was actually complaning to Khas a lot. That poor gal was really hungry and I really understand... haha anyway I think we were all pissed for some reason. I was pissed coz i realized the concert was pushed back by 3 hours, and Val was pissed coz she was hungry, which is perfectly normal, and Khas was pissed coz Val vented her frustrations on him! So I guess we were all pissy. Whaha Khas later came back in and joined me in the flirting. Hahaha it's so fun! The gals were mad fun.*restrains myself from going overboard*. Val couldn't take it anymore coz she was really hungry so she left. Hmm I was worried about Val and Khas at first becoz they seemed to be pissed at each other but now turns out things are fine, smooth as usual, so I'm really relieved.

Anyway, Khasrul and I caught Taufik Batisah, Singapore's FIRST Singapore Idol in action!!! We were like 15 metres away from him only... and he performed in his group first, B' Vintage Flav'r... which is his old group Bona Fide combined with another group, Vintage Flav'r. HIs rap is awesome!!! Totally radical. I'm mad over it man. Then later he performed solo, singing 'Me and Mrs Jones', which he sang in the Sg Idol finals as one of the judges' choice. It's not actually hip hop, it's more of a soulful song but oh well it was still enjoyable. Khas was also quite fanatic too, but he was kinda distracted over Valerie and all. hmm but I'm glad things are great between the both of them now... they're really a very cute duo... and what's more unbelievable is that they're dance partners! Haha... u guys prove height is no barrier to anything! *wicked laughter*

AFter the gig, Khas and I took a cab to Crown Prince Hotel Swensens to eat. We were famished and ate like ravenous dogs. Wow. I paid about 30 dollars on some food and drinks, plus GST charge etc.. I treated Khas to the taxi ride and paid for the svc charge too. Haha. What a friend I am! hahaha. WE ate till about 1.40am? ARound there. Then Khas and I shared a cab back.
I officially declare I'm now broke.

My unnecessary expenditure and cab fare tabulated below:

Friday night:
Silly stupid redundant cab fare: $5 while rushing for cell group
Even more stupid redundant wasted cab fare while rushing to Clarke Quay MRT when I shouldn't even have rushed: $7.50
Val's and my tickets to hip hop fest (her tix is my treat): $30
Soulid's cd: $10
Taxi to Crown Prince Hotel : about $8
Swensens meal ( yummilicious Chilli Fish Pasta plus Calamari Rings plus Apricot Fruit Nector... damn I need to hit the gym soon) : $30
taxi ride back hm with Khas : paid $4 the rest by Khas
Taxi ride to church this morning to rush for the special Dr John Avanzini service: $15.50
Lots of food I ate today: $10

Total spent: $116 in 3 days. More than 1/4 of my allowance spent. Oh Man. Somebody help me.

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